Nathan’s Totoro Themed Room

Long long time ago we finished renovating our apartment. To be precise most of it was done in November 2014. Back then I wrote in that blog post that I wouldn’t show Nathan’s room yet as it wasnt ready yet. Seems like we took our sweet time getting his room ready as we just finished … Continue reading Nathan’s Totoro Themed Room

Nathan’s World

It is now already over seven months ago that our baby boy was born. These seven months have been pretty eventful for him and for us. He also managed to travel a bit around as he has been already to several countries. In his age I barely managed to travel with my parents to Finland  … Continue reading Nathan’s World

What is an interracial household?

The reason I am writing about it today is that we are basically still in process of making our apartment a homely home. We have done much already as you could see few months ago in this articles about our new apartment. But still, it seems something is missing. I am perfectly fine as it … Continue reading What is an interracial household?