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Pancake Day

The previous blog post about the food my wife makes was rather well received so I convinced my wife to make another wonderful dish.

As before I have to mention  that the ingredients and different steps are not written down on purpose as I just have no clue at all (I only can boil water anything more than that is exceeding my abilities). In case you are interested in more information just leave a comment and I shall do my best to figure those things out.

For this wonderful day I present you:

西葫芦饼 Zucchini pancakes with 酱油醋蒜调味汁soya sauce with vinegar, garlic and chili. In the last picture you see the final dish together with a cold cucumber side dish and some congee.


Pancakes? Pancakes! Do you like them and how many different styles and version do you know?

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