Blogger Recognition Award

I must thank Somnath from The Traveloholic for this nomination. It is the first award for me in 2016 and  besides that I think it is so interesting to see how the readers of this blog can be found all over the world.  Check out Somnaths blog about his travel adventures and I do hope to read more stories there again soon.






Here are the rules of the Blogger Recognition Award:

Rule 1: Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.

Rule 2: Provide a link to the award creator.

Rule 3: Attach the award to your post.

Rule 4: Nominate fifteen other bloggers, excluding yourself and the person who nominated you.

Rule 5: Write a brief story of how you started your blog.

Rule 6: A piece or two of advice to new bloggers.

Rule 7: Comment on the blogs you have named here to let them know you have nominated them.

My nominees:

Oh gosh this part is never easy!

  1. The Fourth Continent
  2. Betty Has a Panda
  3. Sue’s Fabulous Travels
  4. Our Chinese Wedding
  5. Skipping Customs
  6. Two Americans in China
  7. NepaliAustralian
  8. Marta Lives in China
  9. My Hong Kong Husband
  10. Japan Can(ada)Mix
  11. Kyrosmagica
  12. Takeshi’s Flight
  13. China IQ
  14. Englishman in Italy
  15. Ray Hecht

How I started my blog:

I started this blog to get all the crazy stories I experienced with my Chinese in-laws out of my head. Over the years many weird things have piled up and this blog is a perfect “therapy” to survive this madness.


Death is lighter than a feather, Duty is heavier than a mountain!

Okay perhaps I try another advice: Take your time as all good things in life need time to develop.


Be sure to follow me also on Facebook and on Twitter as I will post there occasionally pictures which do not find their way into my blog posts. Furthermore I also have a YouTube Channel in which some videos might pop up from time to time

12 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award”

  1. *LOL* lovely piece of advice:) Regarding the motivation issue, I think the therapeutic aspect is actually one of the best factors to keep me going too. Blogging keeps me sane:)

  2. Congrats on your award and thank you so much for nominating me, I just found this today. Appreciate the award so much but as a general rule I don’t tend to participate in awards anymore, unless it is a new one that I haven’t had before. I’ve been awarded The Blogger Recognition Award before so I hope you won’t mind if I don’t participate this time. I am trying to get a book ready for publication, at last! So I’m finding it hard to find the time for awards, etc. Many thanks for thinking of me, I really do appreciate it, so much. 🙂

  3. Well done on the award 🙂 But I mostly liked this post because you listed so many blogs I haven’t read before. I am already lagging behind in all my blog reading as I didn’t read many (if any!) while I was in Nicaragua. Now I have some more to read haha!

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