Blogs I Like

This is a list of various blogs I like and follow-up. Check them out yourself to see more story’s from around the world.

The list is still work in progress, it is not in any particular order and not sorted into any categories (yet).You have suggestions for improving or changing the descriptions of the blogs (or find any other mistakes)? Feel free to contact me! This is always work in progress so it takes a while to update it from time to time.

Linda Living in China – A German woman who blogs about China and about Western women dating Chinese/ Asian men.

Learn Mandarin Now –  All about sharing tips for people who would like to know more about Mandarin Chinese.

My New Chinese Wife – A platform for foreigners on finding a Chinese wife and how to overcome cultural differences.

Lost Panda – Born in Russia, raised in Germany and lives in China. A Western woman writing about China with stories about her life, family and people around her.

China elevator stories – An Austrian woman living in China with her Chinese husband writing anecdotes about everyday life situations.

Mabel Kwong – A woman of Chinese ethnicity who lives in Australia writing about Asian-Australian identities and multiculturalism.

My Hong Kong husband – About a Western woman and her relationship with a man from Hong Kong. Stories about life, food, movies and much more.

Raising Dragon Boy – Life of a Chinese mom raising her Dragon Baby. All about sharing her experiences that she faces in the parenting process.

Behind the Story –  Nicky Chen, a fiction writer, shares the real life stories behind her novels.

The Daily Bubble Tea – An American man living in Taiwan with his family. He shares photographs of his life and family in Taiwan.

Speaking of China – Jocelyn Eikenburg is one of the main sources on the web about relationship between Western women and Chinese men.

Foreign Sanctuary – A Canadian Expat living in Taiwan sharing the experience of life, traveling and work in that foreign country.

Taiwanvore – A blog about Taiwan, its food and more.

Xiananigans – From New Jersey to Xi’an. A blog retelling her life with a lot of information about China, particular Xi’an which includes a wonderful wedding with her Chinese husband.

Marta Lives in China – Marta from Spain blogs about her life in China. Currently she lives with her Chinese boyfriend in Suzhou. She also has a blog in Spanish!

Chinadoll – A Norwegian girl who lived many years during her teens in China and is back in Norway once again. She writes about her experiences in China and in Norway.

Thisgirlabroad – A Canadian girl living and working in Hong-Kong with bizarre and funny stories about her encounters.

wise monkeys abroad – Two people, Le and David,  travel the world and blog about it! They have a passion for it and a bucket list. If you love traveling you have to check this out

little girls story – A woman from Borneo blogging her autobiography and other stories about her daily life.

Ray H to the C – An American living in China since 08. A writer, a traveler and last but not least a human going through all kinds of experiences in China.

Life, the Universe and Lani – Writing about her life, her travels and teaching. Born on the island of Oahu, lived in the USA, Thailand and Ecuador to teach English. You want to know more? Then read the blog!

Fotoeins – Henry, a former Astronomer, blogs about the art of Photography while bringing people in his articles to the places he has visited.

Texan in Tokyo – Grace, a freelance writer and living in Japan with her husband Ryosuke, has tons of material about Japan and Tokyo. Especially her comic will brighten up your day!

woshoudebuhao – From the USA living now in China with her husband. Everyday stories about all kinds of things going on in daily life.

The Fourth Continent – Tanny, an Australian, living in the middle of nowhere: Greenland! Writes about life and the people in that fascinating place.

LifeToMyFullest – From Singapore traveling around Australia and Asia in general. Stories about those travels and what places to visit.

Shangdongxifu’s Blog – An American girl who ended up in China and married her husband there. Has traveled through China and experienced the different people and places.

From Korea With Love – A Filipina living in Korea and married to a Korean writing about her love story, life and everyday happenings.

Greece Meets Taiwan – Eleni, a Greek-South African girl telling her story about all the adventures she has together with her Taiwanese boyfriend.

The Love Blender – Marghini from Italy sharing her stories and other stories about life as an expat, third culture kids and other topics about cross-cultural relationships.

Inactive Blogs (or at least last time I checked)

Janet’s Notebook – Life of a foreign woman living in the UK. Covering stories of her life before and after living in the UK, history, languages and cross cultures.

Knocking on China’s Door – Information and advice what to about life and work in China including what to visit. Many interesting articles about documentaries featuring China

Hopping Around the World – A Chinese woman from Vancouver sharing her experiences in traveling around the world.

From Chengdu, With Love – A female college student from the US experiencing life in China and especially in Chengdu.

Crazy Guy in Thailand – A crazy guy from Sweden who is not afraid to live and blogs about his crazy travels/ life in Thailand and South East Asia.

AMWF Couple – Life of a white female from the UK and her boyfriend from Hong Kong.

EazyChinese – A native Texan giving information for the next generation of foreigner living in Taiwan

China through the Eyes of a Chinese- American – Andrea shares her experiences as a Teach for China Fellow in underdeveloped parts of China.

I Thought You Were Chinese – A Chinese man, actually a CBC (Canadian born Chinese) living now in China tries to discover the country and understand the people.

中国Jumble – An American woman living in China who shares her musing about China and Asia.

a china cat –  An English girl living in China and discovering it. For her it is uncovering mystery, unhidden secrets, and codes to be unravelled in China.

laowhynot – Been in and out of China for the past decade and still trying to wrap her mind about China and the people.


23 thoughts on “Blogs I Like”

    1. I’ve been meaning to make this kind of list. I thought maybe I should find the perfect plug-in. But I like the way you did it. Simple.

      1. Thank you. I also searched for some time for a plug in but in the end I decided for this simple method. The only problem is to keep it updated as I am a it lazy when it comes to such things

  1. We had no idea we were on this list until we looked at our stats this morning. We are so sincerely honoured that you have added us to your “blogroll” Please know that the feeling is mutual – we really enjoy your blog also!

    1. You are welcome 🙂
      I decided about a year ago to put up this list so people who visit my blog get perhaps some inspiration about other very interesting blogs to check.
      As a I am very lazy when it comes to this list it takes sometimes months until it gets updated….
      Anyways, I greatly enjoy your blog as it gave me already tons of ideas for places to visit in my life!

  2. Thank you for including me. BTW, you forgot the “i” in island 😉 and now I have a reading list. It was sooo good of you to create this page. Hugs from Thailand!

  3. Thanks for the tips! Before I went to Beijing a couple of years ago, I was looking for China-based blogs, but only managed to find very few. If I go to China again, I know where to look:)

  4. Love it! TutorMandarin ( would love to be part of this list one day as well! Happy to do guest blog post as well.

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