Kung Fu Baby


You wanna fight with me?

Today’s focus will be not my great but crazy mother-in-law or the rest of my new Chinese family but our adorable baby boy. I have not been writing about him too much lately or showing any pictures as there was just too much other stuff to write about. However mother-in-law is back in China, nothing too weird happened the past days so it is time to present some new things about him.


You can see already in this pictures that he got Chinese genes within him as he got down some Kung Fu moves!



I also love dad

By now he is roughly 10 weeks old and measures over 63cm (~24.8 inches) with a weight of about 6.5kg (~14.3lbs). He is loved dearly by the whole family and anyone who comes to visit. Thus far it seems we have been fairly lucky with him as he is a very easy little baby. It seems he just enjoys everything, he smiles and laughs when we change his diapers, when bathing him, changing his clothes or showing him our creepy friends but there is one thing he really hates and makes him cry a lot : Cleaning his ears

I don’t know why he hates it so much or why it makes him feel so uncomfortable but I guess there must be always something you don’t like.


Look at my huge muscles!


I for myself am planning a great future in sports for him but I will have to see how my wife will approve of it. Of course studies will go ahead of sports but we still have a lot of time to think about it. My wish would be of course to follow my steps into the swimming world or start Taekwondo / another martial art (I kind of failed to do anything besides swimming…).

At any rate he should do rather well in sports as from his parents at least I bring some sporty stuff into his life and he got some very sporty grandparents to support him (more about that in some other article!)




25 thoughts on “Kung Fu Baby”

  1. your baby is so cute! maybe he should be a baby model? haven’t seen such a cute child in a long, long time ❤
    now you must be so happy without your MIL, you can prove her that if you have next baby you don't need her to stay soooo long haha 🙂

    1. Oh thank you. We are actually thinking these days that he is pretty cute especially for Chinese people (all of our Chinese friends love this little baby) so there could be perhaps a tryout for a baby modeling career 🙂

  2. My youngest daughter complained recently that we didn’t get her involved in enough sports. Her 5-year-old son certainly won’t be able to complain. He’s learning to swim, ski and play tennis and soccer (football). And he’s also taking karate lessons. Whew! I’m tired just thinking about it. But then, kids have so much energy.
    Your baby is so cute and healthy looking. I love his kung fu pose.

    1. He is very healthy and growing too quick for us as we need to get new clothes nearly every other week .

      We will try to offer him a few sports and see which ones he likes and wants to stick with. It is often good that children do some sports as they use up some energy which they can’t spend then on keeping their parents busy

  3. What a gorgeous baby boy you have. He is a real cutie pie! It must be so much fun watching him grow and discover the world around him!! I am sure with your encouragement, he will have the confidence to be anything he wants to be or do anything he wants to do!

    1. It is really much fun for us to watch him discovering new things each day. Of course there are also times when we are just exhausted for example when he can’t fall asleep suddenly around 4am…

  4. What a lovely boy you got there. He’s growing up very nicely already. “…showing him our creepy friends “. LOL, your son doesn’t seem fazed by anything. Maybe he’ll even pick up sports, even if it’s just casually. Sport always makes exercising fun 🙂

    1. Indeed he had no issues with any of our friends coming over and taking pictures together with him. It seems he might develope to be a very warm and welcoming child (i just hope he wont show us his evil side out of nowhere!)

      After this summer, when he is roughly 6-7months old, I will take him to swim as we have in the basement of our new apartment complex in Germany a swimming pool =)

      1. That is good to hear that he’s approachable and not afraid too much of strangers. He sounds like a charmer. Please make good use of the swimming pool at your place. I’m sure you’ve paid for it already, so make the most of it. As a kid, my parents used to make me wear those “floaty” arm things so I would float in the swimming pool 🙂

  5. I’m usually scared of babies. Yours looks very cute, at least in the pictures 😀 Does he wake up every 2 hours during the night?

    1. I have been also always scared by babies in the past as I have seen some really wild ones (crying alot all the time). But with him everything is fine but I guess it is also because he is my own boy.

      He woke up/ we had to wake him up every 2-3hours only during the first 1 1/2 weeks to ensure that he gets enough nutritions. These days he sleeps during night 6-7hours through, so we have it rather easy 🙂

  6. Your baby boy is just so cute!! I showed my In-laws the first photo, and they were like “omg.. this boy is so cute” and they started asking all these questions, like “is that what all mixed kids look like?” haha. too funny. I cant wait to see more photos of him 😀

    1. Oh, you should have seen my mother-in-law who had a firm believe that all mixed children look cute. So before he was born we showed him pictures of everyday mixed children to get her hopes down but now our little boy developed just rights. Lets hope he goes on this path and does not get any further traits from me :p

  7. Nathan is soooo adorable! I was looking at the photos of you & your wife and I must say He really got chinese genes in him :)) I can relate so much of your joy & pride whenever you write something about him. Photos of you holding him is just awesome.
    There’s something about it when a Man is “bragging & blogging”about his son. You’re doing great!
    I wonder what He will say to you once He learns how to read and roam around in your Blog to read about himself.
    Sure thing He will learn swimming..Have you brought him to swimming pool already?
    Coincidentally, my daughter is named Natalie, his female version. If I had a boy, I would have named him Nathan seriously.
    Looking forward to read more of this Kung Fu baby once He starts to master some Bruce Lee moves.:)

    1. Thank you so much.
      Funny thing is we also thought that in case we get a girl the name would be Natalie 😀
      We took Nathan rather often to the pool already as in our apartment building we got one in the basement!! That is also the pool where I learned swimming all those years ago as we moved into the same building where my parents are living 🙂

      1. You and your family is definitely unique!
        First, the summer house/ vacation house, then the apartment, then now the swimming pool. You are definitely good in passing down the tradition? Is this a normal family tradition in Finland.
        I wouldn’t be surprised If Nathan is playing now with your old toys, lego, wooden bike or so..:)

      2. Nathan has sooo much fun with my old Lego Duplo and other toys 😀
        I have no clue how other people do it, for us it felt just normal to show him stuff I grew up with, especially as we live in the same building now

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