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My Intercultural Love: Timo & Ruowei (Interview on Madh Mama)

Madh Mama just posted this interview with me on her running series “Your Intercultural Love Stories”. Madh Mama is a blog by Alexandra Madhavan and I actually don’t even know where to start describing her blog. Well, first of all there is so much about intercultural relationships to find there as she is herself a Canadian woman married to a South Indian Man and they have a beautiful daughter together. You want to find out more about India, Indian recipes, life in a intercultural relationship and stories of other intercultural couples? Then this is a must see blog for you!

So here is a little snippet of the interview:

Who proposed and how?
I proposed to her on her birthday in 2012. We went first to eat at a restaurant in downtown Helsinki and I had planned to propose there but I just didn’t find the right moment as silly things happened non-stop – such as the noisy people at the next table, the waiter popping up at unexpected moments and so on. Due to this I decided that we should take a walk after we got back home to the nearby lake and I proposed to her standing on a berth just as the sun was setting.
Check out the rest of the interview and of course all the other stories on Alexandra’s’ blog.
Thank you Alexandra of Madh Mama of doing this interview with me as it was a really nice experience to reflect on my life on what happened in the past years!