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Interview with Timo of CrazyChineseFamily.com (By Ray Hecht)

Ray Hecht asked me a couple of months ago whether I am interested in an interview. Of course I was! Two months ago? This is a bit embarrassing but I took my sweet time getting my part done but now it is finished in all its glory. In case you don’t know Ray Hecht, he is hailing from the US and lives already for many years in China.  Besides his blog he is also an author with his latest title being published “South China Morning Blues” (available on December the 7th, at least according to Amazon!). What else to tell about Ray? Just too much but in case you are into comics or want to learn more about the history of comics such as from DC and Marvel you will find tons of material on his blog! (Really tons, got even me into buying some over the past half-year).

So here is a little snippet of the interview:

You get personal in your blog at times. Have you ever gotten in trouble with your wife or mother-in-law by sharing too much? 

My wife has no troubles about what I write about and truth to be told, my mother-in-law has no clue about this blog. I can’t even imagine what her reaction might be. It could be anything from being pissed at me, forcing her daughter to divorce me, or feeling honored and what not all else. She is a very unpredictable person so anything is possible.

However I have no doubt that she has her own micro blog on Weibo writing about her crazy son-in-law. As I never really write anything about myself my readers actually don’t know what kind of wacko I am myself but I have some blog posts planned to give more insights about that weird guy who writes about his crazy Chinese mother-in-law, but this is still work in progress soon.

Check out the rest of the interview and of course all the other great things on the blog such as my favorites Chinglish and of course the Comics.

Thank you Ray for this this interview with me, even though I wasn’t the fastest to work everything out!



Top 10 tips how to learn Chinese on your own (Interview on LearnMandarinNow)

Last week an interview with me was posted on LearnMandarinNow. I wanted to write about it earlier but it didn’t fit into my blogging schedule (yes, I actually have one). LearnMandarinNow is a website giving you all kind of tips on how to learn Mandarin. There are many other interviews with people learning Mandarin and I must say that there are some tips which are also useful to me such as listening to vloggers (after learning Mandarin now for 5 years!). I might be not the perfect person to be interviewed regarding learning Mandarin because I am far from perfect but I do hang in there and study every single day for the past years.

Here a little snippet of the interview:

If slow progress sometimes frustrates me, how can I improve my Chinese quickly?

The best way is of course to be in China and to be confident enough to just start talking. The next best thing is to sit down every single day, go through the study books, learn the vocabulary/ characters and try to just watch Chinese TV shows. Sure, it is much work but when you study every day you will quickly see results. Very good can be also tandem language learning however I never tried this one out.

Check out the rest of the interview here. Be sure also to read through some of the other interviews and materials if you are interested in learning Mandarin because there might be few things you haven’t tried yet.