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Our ship cruise to Germany

Yes, we made it. We actually survived the ship cruise to Germany without too many difficulties. Friday we went onboard the ship which left Finland at around 5.30pm and we arrived in Germany saturday(left the ship) around 11.30pm. As you can see it was a rather long trip, especially when you got only a tiny cabin for three persons, a baby and two bunnies…

I know, you want to see pictures but I have to disappoint you as I forgot my camera in our car and by the time I realized it they had closed the car deck. But on our trip back to Finland in three weeks I will take some pictures so you can see that tiny cabin from hell (of course nothing compared to public transportation in China during holidays!).

To sum up the trip:

  • I drank a lot of coffee in the restaurant
  • Bunnies start to be very smelly in a closed room after two hours (very very smelly!)
  • Mother-in-law does not hear anything at all when she is asleep (baby pooped out the smelliest and deadliest thing out ever so I was something close to screaming in agony upon seeing/ smelling it but she did not react at all…)
  • Trying to spend more than 14hours in a small bed is really hard work
  • Restaurant on ships charged inhuman amount of money for a simple buffet
  • Last but not least, baby does not care at all when drunk people are running and shouting all over the hallway

Now we are finally with my parents so little Nathan was able to see his German/ Finnish grandparents for the first time as well as his uncle. I checked out our new future home and don’t want to even start with the renovation because it will be serious hard work due to its very poor/ desolate condition. However I will just have to push through these weeks and have to try my best to make it a little more homely for later! After the apartment is done some when in the future I will post some before and after pictures and before I forget, I will have some weird stories about mother-in-law to share with you again by next weekend.

And now I am done for today, a bit exhausted from everything and I just realized that I used a lot of exclamation marks in this article! However I promise you something easier to read for next time so don’t be too harsh on me now.


P.S. this is my 50th blog article, time to celebrate for me by doing some sports 🙂