My Intercultural Love: Timo & Ruowei (Interview on Madh Mama)

Madh Mama just posted this interview with me on her running series “Your Intercultural Love Stories”. Madh Mama is a blog by Alexandra Madhavan and I actually don’t even know where to start describing her blog. Well, first of all there is so much about intercultural relationships to find there as she is herself a Canadian woman married to a South Indian Man and they have a beautiful daughter together. You want to find out more about India, Indian recipes, life in a intercultural relationship and stories of other intercultural couples? Then this is a must see blog for you!

So here is a little snippet of the interview:

Who proposed and how?
I proposed to her on her birthday in 2012. We went first to eat at a restaurant in downtown Helsinki and I had planned to propose there but I just didn’t find the right moment as silly things happened non-stop – such as the noisy people at the next table, the waiter popping up at unexpected moments and so on. Due to this I decided that we should take a walk after we got back home to the nearby lake and I proposed to her standing on a berth just as the sun was setting.
Check out the rest of the interview and of course all the other stories on Alexandra’s’ blog.
Thank you Alexandra of Madh Mama of doing this interview with me as it was a really nice experience to reflect on my life on what happened in the past years!

25 thoughts on “My Intercultural Love: Timo & Ruowei (Interview on Madh Mama)”

  1. Great interview! I especially liked your answer about, if intercultural relationships are more challenging than others. I heard that from many friends and family members, but I believe, if you are really committed, you can work it out.

    1. In the end it always depends on the couple on how serious they take their relationship. When I hear things like “oh he is not as interested in this sport as I am, this will never work out!” then I really think that they surely must have other issues as well because blaming one or two little things on the failure of a relationship is just nonsense

  2. That was a really interesting read. My parents have always been worried that I met a non-Danish guy. Not because hey disapprove of foreigners, but because they aren’t really good at any languages other than Danish. Lucky for them, I found one from the Faroe islands:)

    1. My parents also only speak German and Finnish so there is no communication when my parents and in-laws meet. My wife had some Finnish skills due to her eight years in Finland but German she is just learning now πŸ™‚

  3. What a great interview, Timo. I loved reading it and your responses on intercultural relationships came across as very level-headed. The putting up with intercultural relationships-foreigners are evil comments from those around you, that’s interesting to hear…but I suppose some people just aren’t used to seeing such relationships.

    So, you will go to the ends of the earth for your wife and family… πŸ˜€

    1. There are really some weird people in this world, especially when it comes to “foreigners”. It is strange to see that there are so many people thinking that an intercultural relationship would be any harder than what they are used to. I guess it is hard for them to accept new things/ they believe new things are bad (example: in my mothers opinion all new technology is useless πŸ˜€ )

    1. Thank you, I hope it also helps new readers of my blog to perhaps understand be a bit more πŸ™‚
      It was really nice to get the opportunity from Alexandra for this interview.

  4. How nice that you got interviewed, and such an interesting read too. I liked how you used watching the Harry Potter movies to talk about your lives and become closer, but so naturally, not by design.

    1. That was a great piece, especially learning more about the background of you two and your thoughts On ic marriage/relationships. I don’t feel my relationship with my hubby is special or unique because we are from two different cultures. I’ve tried but can’t come up with much. πŸ˜€ I like reading other blogs about others in similar situations though.

      1. I really can’t think of anything special about my relationship except that I get to eat great Chinese food nearly everyday and we usually travel to China πŸ™‚

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