Our Christmas 2016

First of all I hope you all had some nice Christmas days whether you celebrated it or not. For us these few days from the 24th till the 26th of December were the first real “holidays” for a very long time. Not really any customers to deal with, no purchasing to do and of course no packing and with it no trouble with MIL.


This Christmas was also a bit special as it was the first time in years that both my brother and I were at home for the festivities. During the past 10 year it was always either me who was in Finland or my brother being somewhere else in Germany over Christmas. So this year my father had finally both of his sons home again. This also meant that Nathan had some time again to annoy his big Uncle as big uncle is barely ever here due to his work all around Germany. Let’s just say that Nathan surely enjoyed terrorizing big Uncle.

We even stole my brother’s Christmas Pyramid (Weihnachtspyramide)!

As for what we did over the past days: eating, nothing but eating. Oh, of course we exchanged gifts in between the eating but that is about all we did. Originally we had planned to go to the Arche Warder on the 25th but as usual the Northern German weather decided to come around with storms and tons of rain. I think this might have been even the greyest and wettest Christmas for me thus far! As you might imagine staying at home for three days and do nothing but eating is not really the healthiest you can do in your life but as my dad would say “You only live once so you have to enjoy all the food while you still can”, what a wise man.


So here I am still stuffing myself silly with food while checking the calendar with dread as my goal weight for the end of year seems a bit impossible to achieve within the next 5 days (that is if I do not find my own Room of Spirit and Time from Dragonball).

P.S. it is the first time that I use pictures/ videos from Instagram, hope it works.

So what have you done these past days?

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36 thoughts on “Our Christmas 2016”

  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas. It sounds as though it was a pleasant celebration.

    My celebration is still going on. My oldest grandchildren came straight from college on the 17th. They’re gone now, together with my oldest daughter and son-in-law. But my other daughters, one son-in-law and small grandchild will be here until New Years. my sister and her family came over on Christmas Eve for sharing of gifts and eating. Like you, we’ve been doing a lot of eating. We went to mass on Christmas morning. Today we’re planning on a movie. By January, I’ll be worn out and ready for a diet.

    Your photos and videos worked just fine. The video was great!

    1. Sounds like that you have your hands full these days. I am just glad that there are some ‘normal’ days now till new year to recover a bit from the festivities.
      We used to go in Finland to church for Christmas. There it was always towards evening time before families would get together for the presents/ Santa coming 🙂

      1. The most popular time at my church is 5pm on Christmas Eve; 10 pm is also popular. Still, there was a good crowd the next morning.

  2. So much eating! And I only got a few days of exercise walking, because it was so icy after rain and then snow and then melting and then freezing. I feel you waistline pain. 🙂

    1. Here it was just raining and today it is suddenly dry, just after the Christmas days are over/ the public holidays.
      Let’s see when I will get around to get in some kind of shape again other than a piece of melting butter 🙂

  3. Firstly how cute does Nathan look in his waist coat. I think I did the same as you and have eaten my share of a small nation’s food. But I must say every day I have gotten up very early before the blistering heat and gone for an hour walk sometimes with my lovely little dog who is now getting on so hour long walks are a bit much for her and I end up carrying her half the way. Hope you enjoy the rest of the festive season. Thanks for your very interesting posts. All the best for 2017.

    1. Thank you so much. Today the weather got better again so i was able to do some walking/ grocery shopping in the city for one hour. I just wish that some snow would show up here so Nathan would be able to play outside but here hasn’t been any snow in years compared to just a decade ago when we had nearly every year some nice snow for a few weeks

  4. Uncle sounded like he had a lot on his hands, but I am sure Nathan was happy to annoy someone other than MIL! It sounded like Nathan was the only one who got exercise at home, lol. These past few days I have been sitting down a lot. Not that healthy but oh well, it is a good rest from waking up early for work.

    1. Yeah I think my brother had some fun even though he was a bit Dow neither the flu. Nathan surely got the most exercise running around whole day in the apartments.
      Today normal work started for us again but soon is Friday and with it the preparation for new year

      1. Good luck prepping for the new year, and enjoy it too. Nathan must be very excited and he seems every bit the active kid now.

        Work only starts for me next week. I will be very sad when the holiday is over :/

  5. Sounds very nice to spend the holidays with family back home in Finland. As an uncle, I can attest that kids like to to terrorize uncles…

    Synching with Instagram works well doesn’t it, wordpress makes it easy!

    1. Sadly we didn’t went back to Finland for Christmas as my parents live in Germany as well and to be precise even in the same apartment block as us just two floors beneath!
      I hope we will be able to go to Finland for Christmas or ‘skiing holidays’ in the next few years as my parents still got that great cottage there 🙂

      1. And here it even goes on, my brother is actually my half brother from the first marriage of my dad who is German. I am myself from the third marriage and my mom is the Finnish person in the family 😀
        Weird family combinations these days 🙂

  6. It sounds like Nathan had a very good time. It is wonderful to have children around this time of the year as it adds something very special to the atmosphere!

    And I hear you about eating, eating, and more eating! It is the time of the year where I get to indulge in western food that is now a luxury.

  7. It is nice to spend Christmas with family members who you miss. I’ve eating for a few days and because Vancouver right now is more rain than sun (and we had snow 2 days ago), it’s more walking than cycling. Nathan would love the little Christmas pyramid.

    1. The little Christmas pyramid is really lovely. My brother actually bought it for himself online without checking the measurements first…he imagined it would be maximum half the size what he received later!

  8. A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year:) I didn’t even know you were on Instagram, but I’ve found you now:) Sounds like a nice way to celebrate Christmas, and gosh how tall Nathan has grown since the last time I checked in here.

    1. Thank you so much.
      Ive been on instagram since 2014…But I didnt post anything there till this spring 🙂
      Yesterday I noticed (after a very long time) that I hadn’t seen any updates from you so I checked your blog manually and was shocked to see so much new content. Same happened with a number of other blogs I have been following either via email or wordpress itself.

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. Like you I spent it eating a lot… probably more than usual as we had a triple celebration this year, Xmas, my daughter’s 21st on the 25th and my husband’s birthday on the 28th too! So extra eating… Happy New Year to you and your family.

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