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New Apartment Part III

Yes, my first blog post in ages will be about the new apartment my parents in-law have bought. As a reminder here are Part I and Part II of the new apartment blog posts. I know that there should have been some updates here in the past weeks but I was just too lazy and the weather here is just insane. Right now we even wish that it would start to rain again, yes here in North Germany where it normally rains 9 out of 10 days!

We wish for some rain clouds here!

So what is so special about the news from the new apartment in China? Remember that my in-laws had decided to move in towards the end of the year so we still could enjoy the old apartment during our holiday in April/ May. Plans changed again (who would have expected that with my in-laws!) but they changed to a rather good plan. In fact the plan is so great that my father in-law has been seen smiling in the past months, something unknown before. No they don’t sell the new apartment and no they did not win the lottery, it is something much much better for FIL.

According to the new plan MIL will move alone to the new apartment and FIL will stay in the old apartment! That is like the perfect solution for them. So FIL can finally live his way in a calm and peaceful environment while everything is clean while MIL will drown in madness and dirt after a short while. Sure it is sad that the new apartment will be ruined by my dear Chinese mother-in-law but at least her husband seems happy again. I have the feeling it is the  best thing happening to him in decades.

Crazy women dancing

As you might remember the new apartment is not the closest to the old one. By bus you need around 30 min in good conditions and up to 1 hour with traffic jams. MIL insists she will still go to her dancing lessons and evening dancing group meetings. But no, she won’t use a bus, she came up with the plan to use a rental bike! I have seen her ride a bike and I say that plan is utterly stupid. A tortoise with only one leg is faster than her bicycling. The past years we went sometimes by bike to a nearby supermarket. While I need alone roughly 7-8 minutes, I need together with my wife and pulling a bike trailer for our Nathan about 15 min. Now guess how long the same trip took when MIL was riding a bike as well…40 min! I have zero hope in her going anywhere by bike and besides she would get lost anyway and never arrive at her destination, leaving her rental bike somewhere in the middle of nowhere and call a taxi to take her home.

What do you think about my in-law’s new plan?

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Beautiful Osaka

Now we come to our last part of the Japan trip. After a lot of fun in Tokyo and visiting Thomas Land it was time to travel to Osaka. We took the Shinkansen in the late afternoon so we arrived in Osaka in the early evening. Here we had once again an Airbnb house rented and it was just a walking distance away from the Namba station and thus very close to the city center. As we arrived so late we only picked up some food from a convenience store and went to sleep.

At Sumiyoshi taisha

For the following day we met up with the amazing Marina who showed us Sumiyoshi Taisha which is a beautiful old Temple area, Shinsekai and of course Dotonbori. It was great that Marina had time for us as she could give useful advice what else to visit and of course where and what to eat! On that day the weather decided to go crazy as the day started with way too much sun and once we were done with our Lunch (Okonomiyaki in a nice restaurant in Dotonbori) the sky was heavy with grey clouds and it started to rain. In fact it would continue to rain for the next days till our departure!

Shinsekai by night

The rain was also the reason why we visited much fewer places than intended. Sure we manage it in that terrible weather to the Osaka Castle (where we found nearby a wonderful little Curry Restaurant, will never forget it) but that is about it. Our plans for Kobe and Kyoto we had to abandon as it would have been insane to go there in such bad weather conditions with two little kids.  So we stayed those last days in Osaka and tried to make the best out of it. We revisited Dotonbori and Shinsekai a few times, took a ride in the Don Quixote Ferris Wheel, ate a lot, visited few other temples, got lost in the Shinsaibashi shopping streets and in between went back to the house to somehow dry all our clothes.

Yep, Nathan loved them

Even though the weather ruined a lot of our plans for Osaka and visiting the neighbouring cities we still loved it there. Sure the rain wasn’t all  that great but we had a wonderful time there. Osaka felt much more “homely” compared to Tokyo and we certainly liked it. When we come back to Japan I definitely want to revisited Osaka and enjoy some more Okonomiyaki and eat few Takoyaki while looking upon the Glico Man!

Has bad weather ruined your holiday plans before?

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Nathancuty at Thomas Land

And another article about our trip in Japan. We had only seven days in that wonderful country and way too much to see. As mentioned in the previous blog post Epic Tokyo we had a trip planned to Thomas Land. Ever since Nathan heard about Thomas Land in February he asked us all the time when we would go there. Little did he know how far that theme park is from our home and was getting more and more excited each day. So when the big day arrived he was so happy and jumping around non-stop. Once again my wife’s cousin joined us to help out and of course play with Nathan.

Nathan got some big butt

We left shortly after breakfast from our Airbnb house to Shinjuku station which was just 20min away by foot. From there we took a train to Otsuki Station where something very special would take us further to Fuji-Q Highland. Nathan had no idea that we would board a special Thomas Themed train to get to the park. In that train you could take pictures with different “Trains” and the kids could pretend to be driving the train itself. Our little boy was busy the entire journey to the park “steering” the train. Meanwhile MIL was complaining as usual about the aircondition and was the only person in the entire train wearing even a jacket.

Nathan the train operator

Once we arrived we got us something to eat at one of the restaurants at the Fuji-Q Highland park. The food was okay but not worth mentioning any further unlike all the other restaurants we visited during the Japan holidays. Thomas Land is just one little part of the entire Highland Park and it was so full there. Yes, it is very smart to go anywhere in Japan during the Golden Week and we will never do that again! Each ride had a waiting time of at least one hour and we decided plit up to go to different waiting lines so that Nathan could go at least on a few rides before the closing time of the park. He had tons of fun and also got some little Thomas souvenirs from the Gift Shop. In fact the gift shop was a bit too much for him as there were so many Thomas toys, shirts, cups and so forth.

Unicorn Gundam

After few hours in the park it was time for us to head back to Tokyo. for our last night there. We had some wonderful food again together with the cousin and her future husband and made plans for the next day. For the last day in Tokyo we headed to Odaiba for some last sightseeing. It was kind of interesting to be on a fully automated train to Odaiba. Here in Germany people distrust already automatic doors and in Japan you have trains running without any staff! Of course there had to be an October Fest in Odaiba making the whole area even more crazy with people.  Our time in Tokyo was really wonderful and worth every Cent (very many cents…). The time just went by too fast and we did not really feel like leaving Tokyo already but we had other big plans for the following day as Osaka was next on our list!

Have you visited special Theme Parks such as Thomas Land?

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