The month of change

We are now in the first week of May and with it on the final straight of my wife’s pregnancy. The calculated due date is the 11th of May but it could happen now any time. In fact only 2% of all children are born within of the two days of the calculated due date! However my wife is hoping that our baby girl will stick to the “calculations”. First of all because Nathan was two weeks late and was not the smallest baby around when born with 3970 grams (~8,7 lb) and 52cm (~20,5 in). She really does hope that the girl won’t be taking that long. Though the most important reason for sticking to the plan is not the size/ weight increase of the baby but that my wife still has some stuff to do here.

Will our baby girl look similar to #Nathancuty?

You might already know that my wife and I have our own little business. This also means whenever we are on holidays or are sick we are not earning anything at all. Right now my wife is still working every single day so when the baby is there that she can rest for a few weeks. Here in Europe we got the Mother Protection before and after giving birth, work or anything related to it is prohibited but well as you can see with my wife she does not really care at all as it would mean zero income for us. Anyhow she agreed at least to reduce the work load and there should be nearly zero work starting tomorrow for her. For the next weeks it shall be my time to shine in our little business as I will run nearly everything alone. Okay that is also only possible as my wife will reduce our advertised products by nearly 80%. Even though it will be reduced it will still mean lot of work for me so there might be a few blog posts missing for this month and perhaps even the beginning of next month.

Maybe some fishing in Finland together with #Nathancuty this summer?


What are our plans for this summer? Enjoy the time with our baby girl of course! Perhaps we might even travel to Finland again but we have to see how everything works out here. The trip to Finland might be especially tricky as we would go by car this time (driving through Danmark and Sweden and taking from there a ferry to Finland) with over 1000km to drive within less than 15 hours with a newborn in the car. In the end of May my dear Chinese mother-in-law will come to haunt us for three months again so I certainly will have some interesting stuff to tell. Sadly my father-in-law is not coming to Germany as he has to take care of the dogs, somehow I have the feeling he will never be able to travel here as MIL is not allowing it…

What are your plans for this summer?

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36 thoughts on “The month of change”

  1. Good luck with the baby. So close now and the house will be a happy family with the new one 😊 But also uh oh, MIL is coming again so with the baby, it might mean a lot of madness coming up. You just don’t know MIL anymore…and with the baby, who knows. She must be excited for the new arrival πŸ˜‚ Good luck.

    This summer, or rather upcoming winter for me is all about work. No holidays lined up as of yet.

      1. No surprise there to keep MIL as far away from the baby as possible. She can do the cleaning around the house when the new baby comes…but we all know how that will go by now… :/

      2. She will be kept far far away from the baby. As for cleaning, well you know already what the result would be. The more she tries to be careful about something the more damage she does!

  2. All the best for the coming week… always a long wait these last few days πŸ™‚
    We are coming to Europe yay! My kids have never been to DK and it’s about time. I have been in nearly 9yrs. I can’t wait really. And then other places maybe Switzerland and the UK. A Small Europe tour!

    1. Oh a little Europe tour sounds interesting. In case we manage it to Finland this year we will only drive through Danmark and Sweden, not really see anything besides what is next to the highway.

      1. I dis that many times as kid πŸ™‚ from France to Denmark. I loved it – it is a long way Finland though, specially with a new born!

  3. Good luck with baby and business! No holiday plans for us. My sisters are trying to convince me to fly to the East Coast and do a beach weekend with them at the Jersey Shore. And I’m kinda of…I already live near the beach? Why would I fly 3,000 miles to do that?!

  4. I am also expecting. My due date is 31st may. In India, gender determination is not allowed as per law. So it will be a surprise for us πŸ™‚
    All the best for the baby and bearing your MIL

    1. Oh I didnt know that gender determination is also not allowed per law, only knew that China got it.
      All the best also for you then, interesting times will be ahead πŸ™‚

  5. My best wishes.

    Your wife should insist her father be around….to see next grandchild for real. It’s that important.

    1. Well we travel usually every year to China so it is not that he wouldn’t see his grandchildren. We tried already for the past years that he comes at least for a few weeks to us in Finland/ Germany but never worked thus far

      1. He would like to but his wife forces him to take care of the dogs while she is gone (the ones she keeps in a tiny cage as she does not want to take them out for walks)

      2. I’m sorry to hear this. This is not right. It really is not. Surely there are some nice neighbours to walk/look after the dogs..

      3. There are certainly some neighbours and even pet shops which can take care of dogs and cats for a few weeks but that only worked out once thus. Have to see how the next years will be

  6. Sending you all good and wonderful thoughts. The baby, will of course, be amazing because she will be a Taurus, like me. πŸ˜› Hahahaha. Just kidding. Sort of. Not really. Oh, you crazy kids, have fun!

    1. Thank you, indeed there will be many many months of change. Looking forward already now when our girl will start to sleep most of the night through!!! Can not imagine right now to wake up every 2h to feed her

  7. Congratulations on the birth of your baby girl. I’m looking forward to seeing photos. I expect her to be as beautiful as Nathan is cute.

    Like Lani, I was also born in May. My first plan for the summer is to attend my granddaughter’s graduation from Princeton. It’s on the other side of the country, so I’ll be flying there.

    1. Thank you so much. The little girl looks in fact nearly identical to Nathan! Only difference is that she has more hairs.
      My wife and now our girl are both born in May, my brother has his birthday also in a few days and many of my friends were born in May, seems to be a very active Month πŸ™‚

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