Delightful Disneyland

One of the reasons I could convince my wife to visit Hong Kong was the prospect of spending a day at Disneyland. For all the past years we had plans of visiting a Disneyland. Here in Europe we got Disneyland Paris but the costs of travelling there and spending just two days pretty much equals the flight tickets for the entire family to Japan! The thought of visiting Disneyland here popped up from time to time but due to our penny-pinching nature those ideas were quickly quenched. Last year we travelled to Japan so the idea of Disneyland came up again but we decided against it as Nathalie was just way too young to enjoy it and have some faint memories of it later. This year however we planned for a day at Hong Kong Disneyland for a very long time. My wife especially planned our trip so well that she had decided on a specific day to go there based on our travel plans within Hong Kong and most importantly on the number of average visitor of the theme park. All those plans were for naught as she did not consider one factor: The Weather!

A grey sky but no rain for now

While we had pretty stable weather during our first days with some sunshine all rainy hell broke loose after our trip to Lamma Island. It was not just some drizzle but more like a constant water fall flooding the streets.  The day of our planned visit to Disneyland came and was washed away by the rains. In fact we already gave up on visiting the theme park and planned for some other trip to Hong Kong the following year or so. However the kids were so sad about not being able to go to Disneyland, especially because my wife hyped them up for it with videos of the park and Disney Movies for several weeks prior to our holidays that we decided to take the risk of being drowned in the rain and just went there on our fourth day in Hong Kong.

Just some mist, no real rain yet

We took the metro and as soon as the train left the safe underground tunnels we were surrounded by rain. However we were prepared with umbrellas, raincoats and rain boots for the kids. But then we got really lucky as the rain stopped as soon as we arrived at Disneyland and no drop fell down from the clouds until the evening. I mean we had so bad luck in the past six months that we could not fathom something lucky as that happening to us at all anymore. Arriving at the Disneyland station felt so strange as you are immediately “transferred” into some strange and happy fantasy world. Everywhere you go you have some calming background music, the park is designed that you forget the outside world and you really feel like that you stepped into some other place entirely disconnected from the outside. Well that is at least how I felt. To make matters even better was the fact that there were really few people visiting as the weather report had forecast heavy rainstorms for the entire day. This meant for us that we never had to wait more than five minutes for any ride.

I will never ever go on a rollercoaster in the dark again

The kids loved everything there and wanted to go on every single amusement ride. Needless to say that Nathalie was more than once disappointed as she was just to small for the rollercoasters and few other rides. Nathan however was able to go on every ride except one in Toy Story Land where there height requirement was minimum 120cm were he fell short by a few centimeters. All prior research and planning of my wife for this visit came in handy as we arrived at each ride at the right time in order to have short waiting times, not missing any important parade and to go to the best possible restaurant for our requirements. The food was plenty and well enough for a theme park. Nothing extraordinary but on a sad note it was one of the best food we had during our trip to Hong Kong. I know food is not everything went travelling but we had our disappointments with restaurants during our stay.

Flights of Fantasy

One of the main parts was the Flights of Fantasy Parade were pretty much every visitor came to the main road to watch. Towards the end the actors/ artists/ performers (what is the right term here?) invited some kids from the audience to dance and play with them. Our little Nathan was one of them and just beamed all the time while Nathalie screamed like a demon as she didn’t like to be apart from her brother (or just angry for not being invited, you never know with her). One of the interesting parts of this parade was in fact a person in the audience, an elderly woman in a wheelchair who apparently had the time of her life dancing and singing that even some of the performers came to her to dance. In the evening just when to “We love Mickey” Projection show ended the rain started and we quickly hurried back to the train station. By the time we arrived again in Mong Kok the rain had transformed into a proper storm and just walking from the station to our apartment left us soaking wet even with umbrellas and raincoats. For this day I have to say that we really got lucky and I hope the kids will have fond memories of it.

Have you visited a Disneyland?

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14 thoughts on “Delightful Disneyland”

  1. Perfect! I always says the best time for Disneyland is a rainy Tuesday in October. I’ll take the rain over the crowds any day (although personally amusement parks are kind of my idea of hell).

    1. We went to legoland last October and it was pretty empty and very cheap compared to summer time!
      Didn’t like amusement parks either anymore till the kids, hadn’t been in one before after I turned 14 or so, just had no motivation and I am no fan of bof crowds and long waiting times

  2. I’m so glad you were lucky and missed most of the rain. Rain in Hongkong can be very strong. Almost as good was missing the crowds.

    The first time we took our kids to Disneyland in California, it was lots of fun. The second time, a few years later, it was so crowded that we got tired out just waiting in lines.

    1. Crowds and long waiting times were the reason I didn’t go to any park after my early teens till our kids were old enough.
      We were really lucky with the weather and the rain in Hong kong is some serious business, not to speak about the incredible humidity compared to all other places we have visited so far

  3. I was a big fan of Disney movies growing up but I’ve never been to any Disneyland. I wonder if the HK is less crowded now that the Shanghai one is opened. I heard the Shanghai one is always super crowded unless you go on a weekday in winter or something like that.

    Glad you had such a great time!! And I love the wheelchair grandma hehe!

    1. I liked Disney movies but never was a huge fan unlike my wife. I always wanted to visit Disneyland paris but well my family just had not the funds and the time for something like that. So now that we have such opportunities we take them as often as possible though paris wont happen any time soon as we prefer spending that amount of money on some nicer travels 😅

    1. Disneyland in other countries are just as crowded, at least what I heard from my friends who visited Disney world. All Disneylands are design in a very similar way so that visitors can easily navigate around:)

  4. I have gone to Disneyland. It was one of the best trips I ever had. I went with my college gal pals and we rocked it. I’ve also gone to Knott’s Berry Farm and Six Flags Over Magic Mountain (all similar to Disney). When I went to Six Flags the last time, it was opened only for those who home school their kids, luckily I was invited by family friends, so we had the whole park to ourselves!

    1. Disneyland was really great for us. So far the only other place we visited was Legoland. In finland we visited two theme parks but one in Helsinki is super tiny as you can walk around in 10min and the other was Mooninworld which has no amusement rides.
      Would love to visit a park which just few people around but without the bad weather 🤣

  5. That looks like a wonderful adventure. I am not personally a Disney fan but my son loves all things Disney. We are hoping to take him to Disneyland Paris before he starts school next year.

  6. I love Disneyland it has a place in my heart because of its rich heritage and history. I do wish to visit Hong Kong and Tokyo soon though!

    1. Disneyland is really great and we really need to visit the one in Tokyo next time we travel there. Disneyland is just so different from any other theme park we have visited thus far.
      Hong Kong and Tokyo are really worth travelling as there is so much to discover 🙂

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