The Fair next door

Next to our building is a big square which is usually only visited by people taking their dogs out for a walk. But few times a year some events are taking place such as a circus stopping there, some puppet shows or a fair. Three times a year a fair is opened for several days with food stalls, some games and amusement rides. Depending on the season the size varies especially now during summer as most people are in holidays the fair is rather small.

The Polyp in Action

I still remember the fair during my childhood days. It was a huge event and the square was filled to the maximum and there were so many people on the pathways that it took a long time to go around. There were even sometimes rollercoaster and other thrilling rides but this all changed. We went to the fair few days ago and it was shocking for me to see how few people were going around. Only half the square was used and there were so few food stalls and amusement rides that it was like a different world compared to my youth. At first we had planned to let Nathan try out some of the rides for children but we realized that there were barely any rides for him to try out. I guess this just shows how the world is changing and how the interest of people shifted as well. I must say ‘back in the day’ it was a major event in this city and people came even from the surrounding countryside but now it is just some small thing and barely anyone considers going there.

Nathan in the ‘Crazy Carpet’

So we went around the fair watching together with Nathan few of the  amusement rides. This was one of the time were we wished MIL would be here so we could go on one of those as Nathan is still too small to join us. Towards the center of the fair we finally found one ride my wife could go together with Nathan. The “Crazy Carpet” was basically similar to a small ferris wheel spinning around and around for a while. Nothing too exciting but it was surely very exciting for Nathan as he even was a bit scared. Back in June during the city festival we went to the big ferris wheel and he didn’t care at all but I guess he got scared now as the whole thing was moving faster than the slow ferris wheel. The entire time the smell of grilled food was in the air and in between the sweet smell of sweets such as honey glazed almonds. We surely wanted to eat some of these delicious foods however we just couldn’t as we just ate dinner before going there.

Barely any people these days


Nathan was amazed by everything there. Watching the amusement rides, the music, the strange sounds and of course the people around. For me this fair was always a wonderful place and I used to watch how they build everything up within a couple of days. I guess it will be similar for Nathan later but then again the fair is just not such a big thing anymore and who knows how it will be in another five years. I also realized that the people changed compared to my younger years. There were many people drunk or on their way  getting there by drinking the booze they brought there. Police was present, security guards everywhere and medics as well.. I remember last year they were announcing that it had been a good fair as there were only a couple of fights and not too many people needing medical attention due to drinking too much. I checked then what they wrote 15 years ago about the fair and oh wonder, no fights, no one needed medical attention however they wrote that once again a visitor record had been broken, things just change…

Today I asked a boy we give English lessons about going to the fair. His response was ‘Why would anyone go there? It’s just boring’

Are there fairs around your area and did they change also over the years as in my hometown?

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22 thoughts on “The Fair next door”

    1. Usually yes however there used to be some interesting things also for adults but right now I am not sure whether I still have the stomach to do those. I think over the years I got much more afraid of heights and some rollercoastery things 🙂

  1. Every now and then there are fairs in the city of Melbourne. Each year, we also have the Royal Melbourne Show during the Spring school holidays – that is a massive fair with lots of rides and animals to play with. However, I don’t really see the fun in going to fairs to be honest but I think this is just – the rides make me dizzy and the food isn’t all that good for you 😉

    Honey glazed almonds? I love that. You could have took some home for later 🙂

    1. The almonds taste best when they are still hot! Anyways, I still love these kind of fairs and in Hamburg there is currently a huge one going on (I think it lasts several weeks…) but I have been three only once and that’s 26 years ago.
      Right now I am looking forward to the circus coming here which should hopefully arrive before we fly to China. It is germanys largest traveling circus but well, let’s see

      1. One thing I don’t like about circuses are the clowns. Clowns creep me out and give me nightmares. Not sure if the same happens to you or Nathan or your wife. Or even MIL.

      2. I love clowns, always have. Actually as a young kid I took a picture together with a world famous clown in a circus (forgot the name of the clown by now though..)

  2. I love the pictures. So colorful and vibrant.

    Do you think it’s really that much smaller or you are just so much bigger? 😛

    I haven’t been to a fair since the last time I was home in the summer. . . 10 years ago! I look forward to going again with the kids once we are living in the States.

    1. It really got smaller as the square here is a good indicator of the size. Back then it was completly filled and went even beyond the border and this time it was barely half of the square. Also the clientele changed, now it is more the lower social class/ peeps you don’t want to meet in the dark while as back the it was still a good mix

  3. I have never seen a “nomad” fair in China, but in Spain it is fairly common. Every city, town and village gets theirs once a year. When I lived in my hometown it was a big deal, not sure how it is now as I haven’t been there in 12 years I think…
    I like it as a place to take pictures though, so many colours 😀

  4. I love that kind of fairs, but it’s the same in Denmark. Most places like that are vanishing away and only the largest ones survive. I also remember the fairs from my childhood as being huge and full of lights, color and happy people. I’m not really sure whether the fairs were actually that much bigger, or whether it was because I was so young, when I was there:)

    1. Well I can speak only to the fair which happens here in my hometown but it was clearly bigger back in the day as the square here is a good indicator plus my parents say it’s a pathetic happening these days. It is just sad how such great things slowly vanish

  5. It’s too bad fairs are a thing of the past. I think they have a wonderful history and can be a lot of fun. I certainly have good memories of them. In Thailand they are still a big deal, but I think Thailand still has some of that old-fashioned feeling to it.

    1. Fairs were always wonderful and it is pretty sad here to see how they lost their charm. Seems like I would enjoy the time on a fair in Thailand ( I like some old-fashioned feeling from time to time) 🙂

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