What my father saw in China

Back in 2016 we had a holiday in China and we had invited my father to join us. What I remember most from that trip is the incredible and annoying City Tour Extreme. As there was just so much to write about I split the adventure into four parts: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. Besides that city tour we experienced the standard MIL madness/ the whole crazy family. Why am I writing about it now? Today I went through my dad’s camera and found the pictures he took last year. Okay that is until the battery was empty on Day 2 of the city tour and he had forgotten to take the proper charging cable with him.

Going to some temple in Xi’an

My father has a different viewpoint when it comes to taking pictures. First of all he is still used to the time before digital cameras swarmed the market so he barely takes more pictures than would fit on an old film (max 36 pictures depending on the film). Secondly he is not wasting as much times as me on taking pictures as he is not aiming for the perfect shot but to have just some “memory” of the trip. Besides those two points he did not take any pictures in Xi’an except from the city wall and from some temple. I think this is because he has been everywhere before back in 2011 so he did not deem those other places worthy of using any space on his SD-Card again in 2016.

The “Old Old city Wall” within/ under the “Old City Wall” in Xi’an

On our city tour extreme I am not sure who was more annoyed by all the misplanning. I mean I was really annoyed but my dad was really really annoyed, especially when our tour guide “The Howling Monkey” did not even let us sleep in the bus after waking up each morning way too early. He even took a picture of the tour guide in order to never forget that person again. He also got rather annoyed by MIL’s behaviour as it was first time he really witnessed all her crazy doings over the span of three weeks. In fact he is right now thinking how he can survive her again next year when we go to China as we will take my father with us once again!

The Howling Monkey in pink, one of my father’s Archenemies

What is really surprising me is that my father actually has still the energy to do such trips with us as he just turned 76 this year. Especially those long flights are hard on him besides trying each day new unknown food in China. Despite having sometimes really many problems in China back in 2016 he still agreed to come with us instantly after we asked him to join us. My mother on the other hand had the same reply as last time “No way I will ever go there again!”.

An ocean of flowers at the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou

Going through the pictures I wondered sometimes on how different they were compared to the ones I took. Sure I took a lot more than him but some places I did not recognize at all or had forgotten as I never captured them with my camera. At times it is really interesting to see how two people can have so very different pictures when visiting the same places. Next time I will make sure that he has his charging cable and I will try to motivate him to take more pictures.

Have you ever checked pictures of another person (friend, spouse, family member) after you went on the same trip somewhere?

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10 thoughts on “What my father saw in China”

  1. I always want to receive everybody’s pictures after a trip, then I end up with GB upon GB of similar pictures and I have to comb through them all!

    Where are you planning to go on your next China trip?

    1. Haha, we never took pictures together / I never compared pics with my friends when we had trips together. Could be perhaps also a gender thing? I mean I now from my swimming team that the girls always wanted all the pictures we took but the guys pretty much didn’t care.

      We are planning to come to China in April again and will mainly stay in Xi’an. However I hope we will take also a trip to Chengdu with the newly opened train and we will have most likely a week in Japan!

  2. So glad your dad took a picture of the Howling Monkey tour guide. She looks quite small! Also looks like some evil smile under that pink hat XD Your dad is one heck of a trooper to be traveling at his age on a busy tour going so many places in China. And putting up with MIL is another league altogether. Actually I never looked at anyone’s camera after a trip or outing we went on together. Unless you count the ones my friends sometimes post on places like Facebook – and I find they took some weird shot of me in weird position. But as you said, sometimes I don’t remember a certain part of a place we visited.

  3. Haha your dad is quite sporting to travel with your MIL I think…it’s quite adventurous and generous of him as well..I hope the next trip would be better for him…I rarely look through my parents photos because they are usually a lot of random photos where I look very ugly in…but I do enjoy them sending us photos when they are on holiday no matter how bad it looked…hahaha

  4. Your father likes the overview shots.
    Yes, sure my partner’s photos are different than mine. He takes less of them. Sometimes they are technical shots…cycling infrastructure. I really do take a lot of shots of particularily arresting shots/vistas. I want to land on a good one.

    I take a lot of interior museum photos. He doesn’t.

    1. It is always interesting to hear how different people view certain things and in this case take pictures.
      My wife and I also take often completly different pictures but we have many overlapping as well unlike my father and I

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