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MIL’s multifunctional kitchen rag

I think the title is already giving you all the .needed information. Today I will focus on my crazy Chinese mother-in-law’s favorite kitchen rag. This kitchen rag is so great that she uses it for nearly everything. Where “normal” people use a kitchen rag to do some basic drying of their kitchen stuff or to clean few things. Of course these things MIL is doing as well with her kitchen rag but it can do so much more:

  • cleaning apples
  • cleaning the cooking platform
  • cleaning the floor
  • covering any dough for rising
  • drying her hands
  • cleaning and drying the sink
  • cleaning the frying pan
  • cleaning the frying machine
  • and and and

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out more uses of this great multifunctional kitchen rag. And do you know the best thing about this rag? Apparently it does not require any washing! You know, ever since I realized she is doing this all with one kitchen rag I do not feel particularly hungry anymore when she is cooking…

Right now the kitchen developes more and more into a battle zone

How the rag looks now
When it was still new a month ago…







Do you have also a multifunctional kitchen rag or do you know somebody doing this very insane thing?

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Keeping it clean

Anyone who visited China knows that it’s not always so “clean” there. Especially many apartments look so messed up that you might think they were constructed at least half a century ago even though they are only few years old. From this you can see that most Chinese don’t take cleaning and taking care of their things too serious.

However there are also other Chinese specimen, including my nice dad in law. Sometimes I have the feeling that his first priority in life is cleaning, ahead of anything else.

As an example I give you the daily routine of entering the apartment.

Normal Chinese just go into an apartment and keep their shoes on, sometimes change to some slippers.

He on the other hand is “dusting” himself of before entering the apartment, means slapping himself with some special clothes or wet towel, so the dust from the outside is not getting into the apartment.  Then he has the slippers for the apartment which he puts on before entering through the door. Btw, even though those are house slippers they are cleaned daily by him, because of the dust which according to him, falls down the body and makes everything so dirty in the flat.

I don’t go into too much detail about his daily cleaning routine but lets say, its extreme.

But what I noticed about the cleaning: It is all superficial! On the one hand he cleans and cleans and cleans the apartment more if he wouldn’t need sleep and go to work but on the other hand it is mostly pretty useless.

So he might hand-picked every single hair he finds on the floor and clean it at least twice a day but more important things like changing the AC filters and cleaning it from time to time are not happening at all. Also the kitchen, especially the cooking zone, it’s a mess, a war zone. The exhausts hood in so full of oil and other food stuff that its falling constantly down, the cooking plate is full of burned things so that the pots are a bit elevated when cooking…

But then again, I should be probably happy that he is doing something and the apartment looks neat and not like some old dormitory room where you can’t even tell what the colour on the wall might have been.