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Our Happiness: Nathan

Meet Churchill

It’s been now 15 months since Nathan is with us. 15 months might sound long but they passed by very quick. 15 months of happiness, worry, hard work and more joy. Especially in the beginning it was always so hard to figure out what to do when he got sick or cried for a long time but in the end we always managed. He has grown so much by now that it is hard to recognize him from his early pictures “Wow, he really looked liked  Churchill!”


By now he is running non-stop around the apartment, opens every drawer, steals everything he can reach and proclaims loudly in his mumbling way that he is here and be better taken care of. He doesn’t say any real words yet but what do you expect when being around four languages every single day. He will take his time and until then we will be happy with his mumbling some random sounds and tries to copy few words which so far never really worked out.



What is your happiness in life?

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