More Food

Hi again,

last time I wrote a bit about my seating strategies in restaurants when eating with my Chinese relatives. As I said before this is due to the insane habit of Chinese mothers to force feed their children…and their spouses. See more about that

The thing is, I try already to eat less and less, coming up with excuses not to eat etc. and then the parents in law are wondering more and more why I am not hungry whereas they are hungry 24/7, even right after having some huge lunch or dinner.

They always say (especially mom in law 妈妈) I should eat more to stay healthy and that I eat too less normal man. Guess what happens every time for traveling and checking its weight forcing me to check my own weight at the same time.

“Oh, that is really heavy”

“That is pretty fat”

And so forth…well I eat like hell for several weeks when I am with them!!!

But then again, they don’t mean anything bad but still, some insane logic they have.

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