I just want to keep you informed that we will be on holiday for three weeks in Germany. With we I mean of course my wife, our little son, especially my crazy mother-in-law and not to forget myself.

During this trip I will try my best to get at least one or two articles online which will be based on our holiday.

Just to give you an example on how exhausting this trip will be for me:

  •  We will be going by ship from Helsinki to Travemünde, around 26h in a 5sqm cabin.
  • To make matters worse, we will take our two little bunnies with us so I have the feeling that those two + our son will give us a rather stinky traveling experience!

But I also have good news. As some readers might already know, we will be moving from Finland to Germany after this summer and now we just got ourselves a great apartment  a week ago in my home town which is around 40min away from Hamburg. During this holiday I will spend most of my time renovating that apartment as it is in original condition from 1971, not something I want to live in these days (thank god I am rather good in DIY stuff, so everything except bathroom will be self-made).

Oh, and before I forget, my parents are super exited to see their grandson (plus our new apartment is just two floors above my parents…)

I guess mom-in-law will provide a lot of new crazy stuff to write about, so stay tuned! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Holidays”

  1. Hahaha! It seems your mother-in-law is going to be stuck with you and your wife for a while! Your trip sounds exciting already with so many on-board, I wonder if you all will agree on doing the same thing. I don’t think your mum-in-law will be pitching in with the renovation…if you’re doing the whole place by yourself, good luck 🙂

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