Our Happiness: Nathan

Meet Churchill

It’s been now 15 months since Nathan is with us. 15 months might sound long but they passed by very quick. 15 months of happiness, worry, hard work and more joy. Especially in the beginning it was always so hard to figure out what to do when he got sick or cried for a long time but in the end we always managed. He has grown so much by now that it is hard to recognize him from his early pictures “Wow, he really looked liked  Churchill!”


By now he is running non-stop around the apartment, opens every drawer, steals everything he can reach and proclaims loudly in his mumbling way that he is here and be better taken care of. He doesn’t say any real words yet but what do you expect when being around four languages every single day. He will take his time and until then we will be happy with his mumbling some random sounds and tries to copy few words which so far never really worked out.



What is your happiness in life?

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47 thoughts on “Our Happiness: Nathan”

  1. aaaa he is so cute indeed!

    Looking at these pics kinda makes me feel like I want a baby as a cute as Nathan. But for the moment I think a cat will do 🙂

  2. What a cutie. As long as Nathan is happy, then that is what matters. He sounds very entertaining around the house…hopefully more entertaining than trouble 🙂

  3. It is amazing how kids grow up from babies, and become little humans with their own personalities and individuality…

  4. He is so cute!! His eyes are so big!!

    For the moment my main happiness is my dog haha. She is also a baby, but a furry one…

  5. Yes, he really looked like Churchill, ha ha:) My happiness in life? My husband Poul. I’m not sure we’re ready for a mini-Churchill yet though:)

    1. Don’t you worry, there will be never a real “ready” for a child. We chose back then the most “suitable” time even though I just finished university and was without job 🙂

  6. My daughter Lexi is 30 months old. Because my wife always spends some extra time with her family in Yanji while I have to return to Suzhou to work, she hears nothing but Chinese unless she sees me on wechat video chats. But in the last couple of weeks she has begun to use more English words such as her colors and sometimes when I ask her if she wants something, she will give me a clear “NO.” Also, when she picks something up or takes something off my desk or a drawer, especially if it is something she shouldn’t have, she regards it as hers and is sometimes next to impossible to get it from her.

    1. I am looking forward that our Nathan will use proper words soon. I dont really mind yet which language he will speak first as he will learn German automaticaly here due to kindergarten and the surroundings and Chinese through his mother and her friends. English will be a bit tricky even though I speak with him and we watch usually TV shows in English 🙂

  7. Have you had any battles with your MIL over diapers?

    It seems like every time we go to visit a member of my wife’s extended family, we get comments about our daughter wearing them and they can’t understand why we refuse to use the split pants.

  8. Nathan in gorgeous. It’s normal for children being raised multilangually to start talking later. But it will be worth the wait when he’s able to communicate in four languages later on!

    My main source of joy (and worry) now is my 3-week-old. Can’t wait for him to start showing some personality like your Nathan.

    1. The first months it is so weird with a baby as there is not much response to anything except being hungry or in pain. It will take some time until he will chose all kind of new things 🙂

      1. Oh, I hear you. Hitoshi was away suddenly for a week last week and I was on my own as a parent. I sure appreciate having him around! There were times that I was feeling like I was going to go crazy and had to keep reminding myself that I’m okay, my kid is okay and we are going to make it through whatever disaster/excitment/happening was full on at the time.

      2. At time it can get really overwhelming but it will all work out, in worst case the little one cries itself to sleep (we have him with ear infection now and it was no easy night with allt he crying and the fever, now we go to the doctor)

  9. OMG he is so cuteeeeeeee……!!!!!!!
    There is no greater happiness than watching your child grow, it really is a true miracle in life. 15 months is such an amazing age, especially between 15 months and 24 months his vocabulary will increase a lot. Soon he will be saying “I love you” before bedtime! 🙂

    1. It is really much fun to see him grow up. He does not really say anything real yet but I started to watch a Japanese/ Finnish cartoon/ anime show with him from my childhood and now everytime I ask him “do you want to watch moomin?” He comes running to me and mumbles “moomin moomin” 🙂

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