The Beach at last

This summer has been a bit strange. The weather has been more suitable for a late autumn rather than summer with only few exceptions. Due to many circumstances I had to stay at home during the few days of sunshine and great weather. However this changed a tiny bit as yesterday we could go for the very first time this year to the beach at the Baltic Sea here in Germany. Granted it was just a very very short visit but still I enjoyed this bit of ‘freedom’ and Nathan also had more than enough fun there.

What is all this stuff around me? Doesn’t taste good!


On a side note I must say that the Germans showed some great skills when naming the area close to the beach as there were villages called Kalifornien (California), Brasilien (Brasil) and even Bali! Seems that there is no need anymore for us to visit those places and spend much money on them as they are just around the corner.

Have you been already at the beach this summer?

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41 thoughts on “The Beach at last”

  1. Nathan looks like he had a lot of fun! I really envy you living so close to the beach.
    As Austria has no sea, it is more difficult, or at least takes a long time, to reach a beach. At least I will be on Ishigaki for a few daysin September, hopefully the weather will be be favourably disposed towards me and I will be able to swim in the sea πŸ˜€

  2. The water looks so calm!

    I have to admit, I live 15-30 minutest to some of the best beaches in California, and yet I rarely go to the beach. There were years where I just avoided going to the beach, at least I can I made it to the a few times this year. πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds like you had a blast at the beach but I don’t know if Nathan likes to be under the sun…not laughing.

    I’ve been to the beach twice this winter in Melbourne. Beach is super hot in summer here.

  4. I live only 5 or 10 minutes from the beach, so I go there often for a walk. But on the northwest coast of the United States, the ocean never gets warm enough for swimming. Our currents don’t come from the south. Still, it’s pleasant to walk near the water.

    1. The Baltic Sea here is usually pretty cold as well however the areas near the beach warms up in case it’s warm here for at least a week. Now the water was very cold still as there had been only one or two days of real summer weather before

  5. It never feels like summer has really begun until you go to the beach!

    (Sorry took so long this year)

    Might I recommend beaches of Hainan in China..

    1. For people here going to the beach means more like relaxing and getting out of the daily madness. Especially as you can only go during short time in summer as during the rest of the year it’s just too cold πŸ™‚

      1. We live quite far away so go very infrequently. I love the sea and the beach so would love to go more often. Though, up in Scotland it is often cold on the beach and you have to wrap up, if like me you feel the cold!

  6. We’re on our last few days on the beach here in the Maldives, and is it terrible to admit that we’re ready to leave? It is beyond gorgeous here, but after 12 days straight on this 1km x 250metre island, I’m definitely ready for a change of pace. Lol, I’ll probably regret these words as soon as we leave here though… :p

  7. It’s been the same with the weather in Denmark. Until one week ago, it was all rainy and windy, but this week has been amazing! The beach looks a lot like the beaches in Denmark, though we don’t have Bali and California around the corner:)

    1. I guess that the beaches share many similarities as they share the same coastline. I’ve been once at a beach in Denmark and it was at Ringkobing nine years ago, some friend rented a house there for two weeks and I joined them for a couple of days πŸ™‚
      This weeks has been good for us northern people I guess but it is declining now. In south Germany they clocked 40.3 degrees today!

  8. Given that we live near the water… it is shameful how infrequently we even stroll along the beach.

    However if you knew how polluted it is in Mumbai, you will completely appreciate why actually SWIMMING in such water is not smart. Gotta get a bit further out of the city for that to be even somewhat sensible… and even that is often deluded thinking at play. πŸ™‚

    So am extra envious that you folks managed to get out for a fun day at the beach!

    1. Oh yeah, I heard about the pollution levels at many beaches in India. Here the water is alright and the beaches are tested each year and the results are public so people know where some invisible dangers might lurk πŸ™‚

  9. The because looks lovely! The water is actually blue! XD
    I don’t see that much around here in Texas. I practically live in a desert. Since I’ve been spending my summer at home I’m lucky enough to live at least an hour away from a clean river to swim in.

    Nathan looks like had fun playing in the sand. I like his little hat. πŸ˜›

      1. I can’t handle the snow. ;A;
        I think I rather burn outside. Even the little snow we do receive here I can’t even bear step outside.
        Awww…The hat was so cute! Maybe he wanted to see if it floats. πŸ˜›

  10. No we haven’t been to a beach this summer, nor last summer. Before that we lived near the beach in California, and we would sometimes go for a quick walk through the water before our visit to the grocery store. I miss that.

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