Experiencing China

It has been now over six months since our last holiday in China. It was a great trip and we are already planning for next years holiday session in the Middle Empire. I have mentioned it countless of times that for so many years we never really managed it to go anywhere besides Xi’an. This year was different as we had that wonderful week in Japan (Tokyo, Thomas Land and Osaka) and we are kind of planning on having next year a week-long trip in Thailand. This is not set in stone especially when taking into consideration that we should have been already to Korea, Taiwan, Bali, the Maldives and so forth. Main problem was always that my wife turns into a complete couch potato once we arrive at her home in China.

Some temple somwhere in Sichuan

Anyhow even in case we won’t manage it to Thailand I am still looking forward to visiting China again. For one it is of course the food and I think I don’t need to touch that subject again as writing about it and sharing pictures makes too many people hungry. It is for me more like the whole experience in China. Even though I have seen so little so far it has been always such an interesting experience especially as each region or even parts of the city are so different. I have been mostly only to Xi’an but already there each section of the city has its own vibe. It goes as far as each “block” can be so different compared to the next one. For example the area where my in-laws are living looks to many people (like my parents) like a city shortly after an air raid while as the next block is a complete different matter as everything is relative clean and nice looking. However between those blocks the feeling is already different as in the older parts everywhere you have those wonderful street kitchens which are more rare or even non-existent in richer areas.

Music in the streets

It feels sometimes to surreal to drive on some roads passing by mountains which look like just from paintings. To have old temples and other historical buildings right next to some huge shopping centres. Just going a bit outside the cities you even encounter traditional clay brick buildings and even cave houses. Of course there are always downsides to the whole experience especially due to pollution or overcrowded tourist spots but it does not really bother me that much. For me each holiday in China is unique as even in Xi’an I find new interesting thing which each visit. For next year we have another novelty as we kind of have to decide where we want to stay: Either in MIL’s new apartment in the middle of nowhere or in the old one where FIL is staying right in the city center with all the best food around. Guess this decision is a no-brainer.

Do you have already plans for holidays in 2019?

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16 thoughts on “Experiencing China”

    1. We actually had it once in 2014 on a week long holiday on Rhodes. Just whole day relaxing and doing nothing but eating and hanging around the beach or pool, she did not like it as there was no Chinese food nor good internet for streaming Chinese shows 😂

  1. Xi’an does look interesting. I haven’t heard of many Chinese cities besides its few megacities. But of course China as one of the biggest countries is diverse and has endless places to visit..The roofs look great, are they a part of old town?

  2. Your post reminds me of all the little things I enjoyed about living in Asia. Most of them have nothing to do with visiting famous tourist sites. Did you take that photo of the roof? I love it.

    We’ve already planned a July trip to Hawaii. My three daughters, sons-in-law, and at least one grandchild will be going. The two big grandchildren are still deciding.

    1. Yes I took that picture of the roof (actually all pictures re by me or my wife).

      The trip to Hawaii sounds amazing with the family. We will take my father to China again if his health allows it as i want him to experience as much as possible during the time he can still travel and enjoy the world

  3. I definitely love the old parts of China. The new font appeal to me at all. I particularly love the hustings if Beijing. Hopefully dine will survive the government and their wish to tear them all down ags build new apartment blocks. So sad.

  4. For next year I hope I can spend the whole summer in Spain with my baby! But it will depend on my work situation…

    Guess your MIL will think it is very weird that you prefer to stay in the old apartment, haha. Is she already living in the new one?

    1. Would be probably really great in case you manage to be in Spain for the whole summer with the little one!
      Well I do not know what MIL thinks about our idea of staying in the old apartment. The new one will be pretty much trashed by the time we arrive as she does not comprehend cleaning up or similar. Guess she will be moving in in January or so

  5. Maybe your wife turns into couch potato in China because, well, she is home 😂 I got no holiday plans yet for next year. Plans for budgeting and making more money though… 😁

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