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Kung Fu Baby


You wanna fight with me?

Today’s focus will be not my great but crazy mother-in-law or the rest of my new Chinese family but our adorable baby boy. I have not been writing about him too much lately or showing any pictures as there was just too much other stuff to write about. However mother-in-law is back in China, nothing too weird happened the past days so it is time to present some new things about him.


You can see already in this pictures that he got Chinese genes within him as he got down some Kung Fu moves!



I also love dad

By now he is roughly 10 weeks old and measures over 63cm (~24.8 inches) with a weight of about 6.5kg (~14.3lbs). He is loved dearly by the whole family and anyone who comes to visit. Thus far it seems we have been fairly lucky with him as he is a very easy little baby. It seems he just enjoys everything, he smiles and laughs when we change his diapers, when bathing him, changing his clothes or showing him our creepy friends but there is one thing he really hates and makes him cry a lot : Cleaning his ears

I don’t know why he hates it so much or why it makes him feel so uncomfortable but I guess there must be always something you don’t like.


Look at my huge muscles!


I for myself am planning a great future in sports for him but I will have to see how my wife will approve of it. Of course studies will go ahead of sports but we still have a lot of time to think about it. My wish would be of course to follow my steps into the swimming world or start Taekwondo / another martial art (I kind of failed to do anything besides swimming…).

At any rate he should do rather well in sports as from his parents at least I bring some sporty stuff into his life and he got some very sporty grandparents to support him (more about that in some other article!)