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(Un)helpful Advice

Sometimes you get advice from others which is really useless or just stupid. The amount of this unuseful advice you get might vary from person to person but everyone has received some BS suggestions already in their life at least once.

For us the amount increased drastically during the pregnancy of my wife and reached record-breaking numbers ever since our little boy was born. As you might guess, most of the unhelpful advice is coming from MIL and other Chinese relatives (granny, you are crazy!).


To spare you from a near endless list of crap (sorry) I decided to put up my favorites from the past months.


  • MIL to my wife: “You really don’t have enough milk, see, he is hungry, let me make you a great soup to increase milk production.” This coming after Nathan had once again too much milk which resulted in a milk fountain AND after my wife had once again a breast infection due to too much milk and baby not able to use it up each time….



Just enough for a hot summer day
  • MIL during a video chat: “Why is he wearing so less? He gets cold, put on something warm.” During a day in which we had 29°C/ ~84°F in the apartment. Now it is even warmer and we have to figure out ways to keep him cooled down (yay for apartments without AC!)


  • MIL after she got a video from us in which we tickle Nathan so much that he laughs non-stop: “Don’t do that, granny says that he will stay stupid if he laughs too much. Laughing babies will be stupid later!” – Really? Wow.


  • After Nathan was already nearly a week overdue Aunty had some great advice: “Go out, put a bucket full of snow and do squats holding the bucket in you hands. This will push the baby out.” – Needless to say my wife didn’t do it, could this be the reason that little fat Nathan was two weeks overdue in the end? Who knows…
WP_20140726_003 (2)
What, me fat? 我不 approve!
  • During my wife’s pregnancy some friends advised “Don’t put chilly in your food, the baby will get birth poisoning 胎毒” – She ended up eating the same as before and everything turned out fine.


  • My mom, yes my mother, about Nathan being fat. “Feed him less milk, instead give him baby tea to drink.” – Though I must admit that he is pretty damn round his weight is still below the average weight line for babies his age and size.




I could continue this list till my fingers would start bleeding typing more weirdness but I think you get the idea of useless advice we received.


What are your experiences with useless advice? There just must be something a great MIL advised you!



My journey around Finland

Few days ago we went once again on a journey to our cottage. There was some talk about helping the old people out with their work at the house, anyways this doesn’t concern me as I am busy eating and sleeping all day long.



Now this journey is very boring, nothing but trees and lakes and the entire time. Okay, I don’t know about the entire time as I usually sleep in this uncomfortable seat in the back of the car. Wonder what mom would think about being stuffed in such a seat for several hours and just some annoying toys hanging down in her face. At least dad came up with the idea to visit great-aunt in Tampere so I could get some food and a new nappy. Seriously, how can my parents stay that long there, too hot! Finally they realized that it was too warm there and we continued our journey once again (not after some loud encouragement on my behalf).


Lets sum up the rest of the journey: tree, tree, tree, lake, mosquito, tree, lake, tree, elk, tree, lake, cottage. Finally there, took us long enough!

WP_20140716_001The next days were just so so, nothing too special here. Heard from dad something about a witch burning but I am not too sure what he meant, didn’t see my crazy grandma anywhere. My annoying parents didn’t even let me get close to that fire/ mom didn’t carry me close enough, well, her own fault as I had some special program for the night…


You can’t impress me!

My second cousin once removed pissed me off really much the other day. Seriously, what does she think coming here with her parents and showing off her cool hairstyle? So what that you are just one month old and have more hairs than even my less crazy grandpa? Fine, wont talk to you for a while or so. At least I have my über-cool sailor hat to cover my bald head!


Couldn’t wave back to the nice man in the yellow vest

Yesterday old grandparents went to some summer theater and left me alone with my parents. Thanks a lot grandpa, you owe me another session of carrying your beloved grandson around the lake. Anyways, I ended up with my parents driving around town and showing some stuff. There was even this one man who stands every day at the same crossing for at least twenty years and waves to passing cars. I tried to wave back but my hand didn’t reach high enough for the window.





In the end dad had another little surprise and carried me on top of the highest hill in the area. He told some stories about downhill skiing in winter and snowboarding but I think this white stuff called snow is just a myth, never seen it in my entire life. Great view there, but where’s my food?



Tomorrow its going back home, another session of tree, tree, lake, tree, mosquito, tree, lake…



Enjoying the Nature

We have been now at the cottage for about a week. The time was spent with working on my poor old car, helping my parents with small repairs at the house and entertaining our little son.

Our new expert fisherman

Especially Nathan seems to be very excited about the cottage. Wherever we go he looks around and stares at new things such as flowers, our boat or even more simple objects such as grass. Nearly everything can make him smile and each time it makes the day a little bit brighter. Yes, he can be easily excited. But he also gets much more cranky about everything which might be due to the fresh air all the time and bright nights due to no real sunset at the moment.

In this aspect he is very similar to my parents-in-law. When they visited us last summer they were amazed by everything such as the blue sky, the lush green and according to them everything felt so much more fresh than in China. Well, sure it feels more fresh when you have suddenly only +28 degrees Celsius instead of +38 and no more smog everywhere…

View from our cottage

But my nice parents-in-law also struggled a lot with these very long days here in summer. When they go to sleep it’s nearly as bright as daytime and when they open their eyes in the morning it is again (still) bright. I don’t even realize it anymore as I grew up with these summers but someone who is used to total darkness at around 8pm has hard time adapting to this new situation.

His feet are touching for the first time sand and cold lake water
Last summer my in-laws said they would like to return again, but this might be impossible. We move soon to Germany and when my in-laws come to visit it will be there, in our new home, not in Finland anymore. But then again, somehow we will manage to take them for another trip into the nature, we don’t know yet how but we (my wife) will figure something out.

Now we still have over one week left here which I will spend by doing the very same as before, working. In Finland people say they go to their summer cabin to work, not relax. I have to agree with this saying as I have never done anything else but work here with my parents. However all hardship is paying off in the end, especially when you sit down after a long day and see the beautiful nature unfold right in front of you.