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Father-in-law’s Big Surprise

Originally I was planning on giving you some new examples of my crazy mother-in-law but I decided against it thanks to her husband, my infamous father-in-law.

He is not that prominent in my articles as he doesn’t really shine with really weird stuff, his wife is just so much better in that matter. Sure he has his quirks but most of them are due to his OCD so I never go too much into them. However this week he really came all the way through with some really unexpected action.

My wife, as so many other people, is using WeChat 微信 to chat with her friends and also with her parents. Mostly she talks with her mother and rarely sends some messages to her father because they never have something to talk about. Furthermore he does not reply to them most of the time which caused already a lot of trouble with his wife (I might write about it sometime later as it is really hilarious).

This changed last week when our baby boy was born. As my father-in-law is still in China my wife sent him a picture of his grandson but she did not expect him to reply at all. Alright, she had some very tiny hope that he would at least send a short reply but nothing happened for a few days. Then out of nowhere she received a message from her dad, all excited she got me to check it out with her (as it is really a rare occasion for him to reply or send something) and then the big surprise:




You know, the kind of advertisement you may sometimes receive and says you should forward it to so and so many people to get something for free? Yes, he indeed send that to his daughter in reply of seeing his grandson…

I am still silently laughing about it, but don’t tell my wife!



And now not to disappoint my readers, a little picture from our baby.

Our son 5 days old


Visiting a strawberry farm was the very first activity we did together with my parents in law when they were visiting us in Finland last summer. Okay, not really the very first activity as this was most likely getting home from the airport…

A big red one

Anyways, why visiting a strawberry farm? There are actually two reasons for this. One, my wife always wanted to visit one and handpick herself strawberries (she loves strawberries) and second, my parents in law could not imagine picking berries themselves and eating them without some very thorough cleaning. Especially the second part seemed to be an impossible task for my father in law due to his OCD. Nothing is ever clean enough for him except he cleaned it himself three times.
But imagine our surprise when he went and started picking up strawberries without gloves and ate them without any cleaning. When my wife asked about it he just shrugged his shoulders and said “It is so much cleaner here than in China” and continued collecting more strawberries. No further information given by him but he looked relaxed while  walking those fields and searching for the biggest and reddest berry yet. All my wife managed to say about it was “I don’t believe what I am seeing” and stared at her father.

The family evaluating the strawberries

Besides being busy with collecting and eating strawberries my parents in law were also surprised that there were so many people in the fields instead of just buying the berries from the supermarket. According to mom in law there wouldn’t be many people in China going to the countryside to spent hours on a field picking some strawberries and then paying for them. Later on my wife told me that her parents had never done anything like this before so I guess it was a nice first day in Finland for them.

On a side note: I did not collect even a single strawberry as I was more content filming everything and furthermore my father in law seemed to overcome parts of his OCD as he even touched one of our rabbits, he has not touched a single animal in a long long time.