Baby Pool Party

This summer so far has been terrible. Bad weather all the time with a few exception such as during the City Festival or The Big Medieval Market. However things changed now as a “heat wave” from North Africa is pushing its way through Europe at the moment. All the past weeks we had tops 20 degrees celsius (~68 degrees fahrenheit) but since yesterday the temperatures are rising. Today we had here in North Germany, at least according to the thermometer in my car, up to 26 degrees celsius and it will rise to even 38/39 degrees this weekend in some parts of Germany! (here perhaps only 34 degrees celsius but well, better than sudden snow or the like).

The mandatory “MIL with Nathan posing pic”


So what to do with a little baby being all sweaty all day long with no chance to cool down? You buy him an inflatable baby pool! I actually bought this one already few weeks ago but it didn’t find any use until now. It is a simple pool for little kids but enough to keep a cool head with these rising temperatures. Now it wouldn’t fit into our balcony but my dear parents who are still for a few months in Finland are living just below us and have a huge balcony. As we don’t really want to have a lobster baby we set up the pool in the shades and the water splashing time began. Even I found a few moments to get roasted in the sun. Normally I don’t “extra” go and try to get some tan as in the past years I always went for swimming  practice in outdoor pools during the summer and it did the trick. However there is no chance for me right now to go swimming due to multiple reasons and I saw a pictures of me the other day: Me standing in our garage with white walls, me wearing a white shirt and blueish shorts, guess what it looked like…yes, like blueish shorts and dark blond hairs floating in midair! So you can guess why I decided to get a few minutes of roasting today and perhaps again tomorrow…

What are your methods to keep cool during hot summer days?

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24 thoughts on “Baby Pool Party”

  1. It looks like MIL is having a lot of fun in the pool. Gate-crashing Nathan’s fun place…at least it looks like he doesn’t mind.

    To me, it’s not hot until the temperature hits 35’C. Anything below that is comfortable with me. Usually I stay indoors and have a cool drink or ice-cream, and try not to move too much. Some say go to the beach and you will cool down, but that always makes me hotter, standing under the sun.

    1. Well, I guess going to the beach imlies also to go swimming. Always when we had swimming camps we went during the hot hours (when we werent swimming in the pool) to the ocean to swim there 😀

  2. You know, in Malaysia it is always 28-35 deg C, all year round, so I don’t really have any special ways to cool down. I just got used to it and live with it. Maybe one day I’ll move to some colder countries for a change!

    1. Oh I know about those temperatures, however here it is more about the sudden increase of the temperatures by up to 20 degrees celsius within days.
      Same in Finland, the coldest temperatures measured is around -51 degrees celsius and the hottest is +37 degrees celsius, so people have to adapt to rather high changes 🙂

  3. I wish I can inflate my own pool here, the weather’s been hot AND humid which makes it worse..some days I’m even glad to go to work because I get a/c there unlike at home..haha…stay cool! 😆

      1. Hahaha…oh yeah, I can imagine…temperatures here are in the 30s on those hot days which is why we have lot of places here with a/c..but it’s expensive to have it in our homes so I make do with lots of fans all around…😞

  4. What fun! And looks like MIL is also amused.

    We’ve been finding Toronto brrrr cold! Looking forward to our trip to London tonight mostly because folks there are also experiencing a ‘heat wave’. 🙂

  5. I really like the photo of you passed out while Nathan plays in the pool! ^^ It looked at first like he knocked you out then got in the pool… That’s why I read this post.

    I am actually thinking of buying my own kiddie pool just for me since it has been very hot here. Although, this weekend is supposed to be rainy so I might not need it!

  6. Same here in Poland :/ Finally, the temperatures are rising from about 2-3 days ago. I live in Lodz and there’s no sea or beach nearby, so outdoor swimming pool is my only option of cooling off 🙂 I can’t believe your MIL looks so young and Nathan is soo cute as always! I am sure he loves that pool. Happy summer!

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