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Plöner See

Remember when I wrote about the city festival in my hometown? There I mentioned that the first two days had superb weather but then everything was drowned by a rainstorm. Well, on that first day of bad weather we went to the Plöner See (Lake Plön) which is about 40 minutes away by car from our place.

Cooling down those little feet

Originally we went there because we were invited to try out sailing however once we arrived there was no wind at all. The air was heavy due to an upcoming thunderstorm. Though there was no sunshine  it surely was hot with around 30 degrees celsius due to the heavy air. So while waiting for some wind we decided to enjoy the time at the lake as besides us was also another family with their baby there. As we had enough snacks with us we hoped that time would pass quickly till some wind would show up. The children surely loved to play in the water and also to discover the playground even though they were still too young for it. I guess the highlights for Nathan was to run naked around the beach and of course the cable pulley (is it even the right name for it?).


The rope pulley

In the end there was plenty of wind however it was combined with heavy rain and before mentioned thunderstorm so we just went home without any sailing. Perhaps next time we will be more lucky and can finally try out some sailing as it at least look pretty interesting.

Have you gone sailing on a lake before? How is it?

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