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Don’t Mess With Chinese Cyclists!

It is time once again to share another video from the depths of my hard drive. Todays topic is a bit different than usual as there is nothing about my crazy Chinese mother-in-law, Chinese Food, my family or Nathan. However it is still linked to China as you might have guessed from the title.

In 2012 we went to China during September for a few weeks and back then it was also my first (and only) time being in China for the Mid-Autumn Festival. During those weeks we had few trips to the surroundings such as the Qinling Zoological Park, Mount Hua and also the Qinling Mountain Range (Qin Mountains) just few kilometres south of Xi’an. Especially the trip to the Qinling Mountain Range is in my memory, not due to MIL though she did a lot of weird stuff there as well but due to one single person bicycling uphill…

To this day I am speechless on what humans can achieve when putting their mind and body behind something. I am no stranger to bicycling myself as I do my tours each year but overtaking a car going uphill in the mountains is still something I won’t be able to do any time soon.

Have you witnessed any similar event where someone surprised you by their mental or physical prowess?

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