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Hello all I have great news. Just this morning I received the notification that I have won in the NEPALIAUSTRALIAN’s Blog Award 2015 in the Best Personal Blog Category. Imagine what a great boost for the day this award was for me!



I remember when I was nominated earlier this year but I did not get around writing about it due to too many things going on in my life. However now things are going on a better for me so I think I will also create a new section on my blog regarding the awards I have been nominated for during the past years.

Anyways enough of me, please do check out Nepaliaustralian’s Blog and all other blogs which have won in the different categories. I want to thank her for creating the award and all others who nominated me and voted for me.


Be sure to follow me also on Facebook and on Twitter as I will post there occasionally pictures which do not find their way into my blog posts. Furthermore I also have a YouTube Channel in which some videos might pop up from time to time