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The Magical Park

Nearby our home is a little park just few walking minutes away. Right from the beginning I need to say that there is usually nothing magical about this park except when you are a child or an adult looking from a different perspective than you are used to. This summer I went there with Nathan for a little walk to pass by time and thankfully I had my camera with me.

Itself the park is in a not so good condition anymore however there are still some nice spots. The whole area has been planted back in 1894 on old farmland which surrounded the city. Now over 100 years later are still few points where the old structure of the farmland can be seen such as old  brick paths or also the hedge bank surrounding the fields grown over by trees.


Nathan on his way

This picture reminds me of a song from one of my favorite books.

J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Chapter 1:

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say.




Have you found any ordinary places which changed when looking from a different perspective?

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