Crossing a Road

Hi everyone once again

Today’s topic will be crossing a road in China…

You can find endless articles about the terrifying traffic regulation in China, terrible accidents occur on a daily basis everywhere there.  It is dangerous as hell there on the streets!

Now it comes more to my observations over the past years, especially when going around with my mom in law.

First Rule: Chinese drivers will never stop for you if your group is smaller than 10 people

Second Rule: Trusting the rules of a pedestrian crossing (or cross walk) will get you killed

Third Rule: Even if you have green to cross the street, there will be cars, bikes and electric rollers coming from any direction

Fourth Rule: To be on the safe side, don’t go to China 🙂

My mom in law is on a whole different level entirely. For example, she never ever checks if cars are coming, she just walks on the street and wants us to not fall behind (scares the shit out of me every time).

However there are also exceptions, sometimes she does checks if some cars are coming. Whenever a car is far away, lets say you can barely see in the smog ridden distance, mom in law won’t cross the street and will wait for the car/s to pass by. But when she notice that the car/s are just meters away, she storms on the street…

Many cities do have some underground street crossing, especially on the bigger cross roads etc. Those make the survival of the average human being much more likely than the standard suicide street crossing method. I have seen many of those but every time with mom in law they are being ignored and she throws us into the danger of crossing a 10 lane road or something similar, because according to her: “Going down the stairs there is too dangerous!” Well, somehow I doubt that the stairs hold more danger to me than a transportation vehicle coming down the road, only being hold together with duck tape and apparently no brakes…

Another matter is, she also thinks that crossing the street the normal method is so much quicker than going below the road. Yeah, so much quicker, crossing lane by lane can take sometimes 10min or more, depending how many people try the suicide crossing with us. (remember the rule, the bigger the group, the faster the crossing will be in the end)

Problematic with mom in laws approach is that most cross roads with the underground tunnels have some fence or even wall on the street level, intended to stop the pedestrians to enter the road and forcing them into the tunnels. This means that each time we even have to go all around those walls or fences until we reach the end of them, then cross the road, and then walk on the other side all the way back again behind the wall/ fence. So as you can see, I have some reasons to doubt my mom in laws reasoning when it comes to safety on the streets…

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