The threat of empty Tupperware containers

Yes, as the title suggests, today topic is the threat of empty Tupperware containers. Those containers are rather useful, you can store all kind of things inside of them.

My wife uses them for her lunch. Every evening, after she’s back from work she makes food for the next day and puts it into those containers. But now comes the trouble: Mom in law…

When they visited us, the first thing she did was to reorganized the kitchen to her liking. This means that she knows where everything is whereas we have no clue (now over a month later we still don’t find everything).

One of those changes in the organization of the kitchen, which was also her main focus: Empty Tupperware containers.

Even though my wife told her that she requires them everyday, mom in law didn’t listen. Every single box had to be filled up with something. In the end we had all kind of things sealed away in those plastic boxes but nothing left for my wife. Alright we thought, lets buy some additional ones, so my wife can take food to work once again. Oh no, mom in law found use for those as well.

She also decided to try out what these containers can do. Her great idea was to fill rice and water into a box and put it into the microwave to make rice for dinner…Yes, I believe you can guess already what happened. An apartment covered in terrible burned smell, a plastic container melted beyond recognition, a messed up microwave and no rice.

After my parents in law went back to China we slowly checked all the plastic containers, to see what is stored inside of them. Some had chocolate bars, others had some walnuts and even some paper slips?!? Yep, definitely weird.

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