Going to the cottage

Today we will be going to my parents cottage somewhere in mid western Finland. The length of the stay will be dependent on the workload I have there but it shouldnt be any longer than 2 weeks.

As it is a cottage in the middle of the forest I might have problems checking upon the blog and posting new things. However, as my father has thanks to his great 2nd son (me) a 3G USB internet connection stick, I will be able to give at least some insights about the beautiful nature and what our son is doing.

Some of the plans we have in mind for little Nathan:

  • play at the lake
  • having is first sauna session
  • getting hunted down by giant mosquitos
  • play finally with our bunnies


The trip will take us about 5 h by car and I hope everything will be alright as this will be the longest trip in the car for our baby thus far.


Until my next internet time then!



9 thoughts on “Going to the cottage”

  1. Your pictures of Finland on your blog/twitter always look so charming and the air so pure and fresh, makes me dreamy… but not the giant mosquitoes, haha.

    1. Well yeah, those mosquitos can be rather annoying. Somehow I don’t get bitten at all but my wife on the other hand gets hunted down daily and ends up after few weeks with hundreds of bites..

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