Enjoying the Nature

We have been now at the cottage for about a week. The time was spent with working on my poor old car, helping my parents with small repairs at the house and entertaining our little son.

Our new expert fisherman

Especially Nathan seems to be very excited about the cottage. Wherever we go he looks around and stares at new things such as flowers, our boat or even more simple objects such as grass. Nearly everything can make him smile and each time it makes the day a little bit brighter. Yes, he can be easily excited. But he also gets much more cranky about everything which might be due to the fresh air all the time and bright nights due to no real sunset at the moment.

In this aspect he is very similar to my parents-in-law. When they visited us last summer they were amazed by everything such as the blue sky, the lush green and according to them everything felt so much more fresh than in China. Well, sure it feels more fresh when you have suddenly only +28 degrees Celsius instead of +38 and no more smog everywhere…

View from our cottage

But my nice parents-in-law also struggled a lot with these very long days here in summer. When they go to sleep it’s nearly as bright as daytime and when they open their eyes in the morning it is again (still) bright. I don’t even realize it anymore as I grew up with these summers but someone who is used to total darkness at around 8pm has hard time adapting to this new situation.

His feet are touching for the first time sand and cold lake water
Last summer my in-laws said they would like to return again, but this might be impossible. We move soon to Germany and when my in-laws come to visit it will be there, in our new home, not in Finland anymore. But then again, somehow we will manage to take them for another trip into the nature, we don’t know yet how but we (my wife) will figure something out.

Now we still have over one week left here which I will spend by doing the very same as before, working. In Finland people say they go to their summer cabin to work, not relax. I have to agree with this saying as I have never done anything else but work here with my parents. However all hardship is paying off in the end, especially when you sit down after a long day and see the beautiful nature unfold right in front of you.



16 thoughts on “Enjoying the Nature”

    1. It sure is, sure it can’t compete all the way with all the wonderful place you have visit and will still visit but it’s perfect to get some peace and relax (even with much work).
      I am sure you will also experience the 24h daylight at some point. Right now it is 8.47pm here and I can’t really tell if it got any darker thus far 🙂

  1. Ah, Nathan sure knows how to keep himself occupied. Sounds like he wants to absorb as many sights and activities as possible…he looks a bit frustrated no fish are jumping out of the water! He looks like a traveler with his sailor-esque hat and bib with a car on it. Take a moment to rest, and moment to take in the sights, such a beautiful place your parents have got there.

    Best of luck with the move to Germany. Maybe it would be possible to take your in-laws to some nature strip there? If there are any?

    1. Sure there are a lot of sights and much beatiful nature as well however the nature near/ in the arctic circle is so much different and feels more pure with its simplicity. I will try to go to Lapland at some point (within the arctic circle) during summer to take pictures, the nature is breathtaking 🙂

      His little hat reminds me somehow on the Donald Duck hat, probably to its sailor style

      1. It does look like nature is stunning over your end of the world. I love your new header, something’s just so calm about it. Would love to see that for myself with my own eyes someday 🙂

        Ah, Donald Duck. Nathan looks like he’s going places. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. It looks gorgeous. How wonderful it is for your little one to get to spend all of that time out of doors. (I absolutely love the fishing picture. It’s just adorable. )

      1. Fresh air is good for babies at any age. Mine was outdoors as soon as the snow melted, when he was new. He loved all the sunshine and birds singing, even if he couldn’t move much. (I got a little mosquito net to put over his baby basket on the porch.)

      2. We have the problem that there is either too much sunshine or non at all which results in very low temperatures here.
        At least no Mosquitos seem to be interested in him but that might be due to my wife who is a real mosquito magnet 🙂

  3. What a lovely place. And it looks so peaceful, Chinese people for sure should love it (as they always complain about “too many people”, haha).
    I would have a really bad time during the night as I can’t really sleep if it is not dark. But apart from that I would be delighted to go there and breath some fresh air 😀

    1. Many people have the trouble during night when visiting Scandinavia because it is just too bright to sleep 🙂
      First thing I always notice when arriving at a Chinese airport is that the air feels a bit heavy or used up, sure I get used to it after a while but it is just so refreshing when arriving back in helsinki airport

  4. Every time you write about the cottage it reminds me that I should go to my families cottage.. I can understand how your Chinese family is amazed by the blue sky and all the trees and flowers! haha. Whenever I go to my family’s cottage I feel so surprised about how peaceful it is there haha. As of the 24-hour sunlight, not so happy about that – I get so confused and I forget what time it is! haha. It is cool the first time when you experience it, but not every summer..
    Nathan is just so adorable, he’s lucky having a cottage like that to go it! I got so many childhood memories from my family’s cottage, and I’m sure Nathan will have lot’s of memories from that place when he becomes older 🙂

    1. I also got many memories from our cottage and I hope we will manage many trips with him in the upcoming years, so he can learn fishing properly, perhaps build some bird houses and and and 🙂

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