Guest Post: How to get by in China

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that people the world over are far more adventurous than ever before.

Maybe it’s the availability of cheaper flights or the greater knowledge of foreign places that people now have owing to the vast amount of data on the internet, I’m not sure.

Whatever it is, China is now a favoured destination and, for some, still remains a country shrouded in mystery; an exotic land of diverse culture, adventure and excitement. More and more, especially younger people, are travelling there, maybe for a short holiday or, increasingly, to work and settle down.


Therefore, we spent some time thinking how we can best help travellers in China and came up with some ideas. Firstly, if you are one of those people thinking mid to long term and are planning on looking for Chinese friends, or are just interested in learning more about mainland Chinese or Taiwanese women in general, you can take a look at our website.

Pic_Chinese Girl

Secondly, we came up this infographic! It was created by one of our writers from and its aim is to help the newcomer or even people who have been in China for some time assimilate and blend in easily with local people. We hope it will help them get familiar with the right ways to do certain things and also offer caution about the wrong ways!

Using our infographic will make it that much easier to get by and enjoy your life in the country as it provides 10 of the top tips for getting by in China with pointers about social and business practices.

Much thanks to Timo for letting us to share the infographic at his blog. Take a look and see, we’re sure you’ll be glad you read it!


8 thoughts on “Guest Post: How to get by in China”

  1. Great post! I can relate to most of the steps presented. However, with regards to chopsticks, I was also told not to hit them against your bowl. One day I was waiting for my turn to get some rice and I hit my chopsticks against my bowl (like a drum) and my Taiwanese friends told me that it sounds like I am begging for money and it is was not appropriate.

    1. I wanted to put this infographic from the website “mynewchinesewife” already for a while but I was just too busy recently. making a infographic is not that hard but having the ideas for it is another matter 🙂

  2. Not all, but some of these are the same in Japan.
    #1 – English isn’t so common here. Knowing at least a bit of Japanese is appreciated.,
    #3 – There are both 様式 (western-style toilets) and 和式 (“Japanese” style),
    #6 – Cash is king in Japan too.,
    #7 – Titles and honorifics are used…especially for elders.,
    #8 – Chopsticks stuck in rice is rude.,
    #9 - 四 (4) sounds like the word for “death” in Japanese too.

    But…in Japan, there are no (#2) fake taxis, (#4) serious taboo conversation topics,
    (#5) bargaining or (#10) problems with the color green.

    1. For me the hardest part of getting used to China are still the toilets. I really really do hate them here. Only I privat households they have the western style toilets so when you are out in public it is fairly hard to avoid the usual squatting toilets except you go into some bigger hotel or places like McDonald’s

      1. Really? It was like that when I first came to Japan. But now everywhere usually has both styles here in Japan…but if they do only have only style, it’s usually the western style nowadays.

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