The Good and the Disturbing

Today is the continuation of last weeks article. Back then something good and something bad happened. First of all the good thing was that I got a job and the bad thing was that the stupid Internet technician failed to arrive and thus delaying our moving date.

What else should I write about today other than the internet technician. This nice man finally managed to arrive yesterday to set up our internet connection and with it we should be able to move in Soon™. What we did not think about when it comes to our internet connection is that all around the phone line is not a single power outlet for the wi-fi router! Just who designs such things? Really, something like that is driving me crazy and forces me to doWP_20141119_13_52_57_Pro[1] stupid things like drilling a hole into a wall to pull a cable through just to realize when I am nearly through the wall that there is a metal support and the drill won’t go any further…indeed, now we have an ugly hole in the wall which is leading into nowhere.

As you can see I have some mixed feelings when it comes to my families internet luck but yesterday something good happened as well as I signed the job contract. However there is a little issue as every time someone asks me what I do in my job the stabdard answer is ‘I don’t know’. I really have no clue at all what I will do and furthermore the job title is not helping me any further as I am supposedly in the sales management even though I do nothing sales related, crazy & weird world.

Off Topic: My wife assembled this little chairs

Missing the Crazy Chinese Family part in the article? Do not fear as my mother-in-law is so gracious in providing once again some odd and disturbing things. The odd part is about our TV. I fulfilled my dream and bought a nice 55″ TV which I got for nearly half price (I just search and search and search some more for products I am interested in until I find a real bargain). It is even not too big for a living room as we have plenty of space with about 3.5m between sofa and TV, it actually appears to be perhaps too small…BUT there is MIL. Of course my wife showed via Weixin/ WeChat our living room and MIL got a glimpse on that TV. ‘Too big’, ‘No good for you and ‘It is too close to your sofa, your eyes will get bad’. Normally those would be reasonable concerns but in this case they are so, how to say it, so MIL. My in-laws have a 65″ TV hanging about 1.50m away from their sofa but that seems fine. Apparently MIL didn’t notice this until her daughter mentioned what monstrosity they have hanging on their own wall. What is MIL’s reaction to this? Of course, its FIL’s fault! Whenever something bad happens or something which might look bad on her it is always her husbands fault, even when he is not anywhere close by or even knows what is going on.

You just want to hear the disturbing thing, I know it. Well the thing is that MIL is kind of threatening us. Okay, not threatening us in a way you might imagine but it is dangerous enough for me. She is probably coming next year again to visit us but she does not want to eating8take her husband with, no no, she wants to take her mother with. Grandma might be a nice old lady but her with MIL combined is an explosive mixture, not to mention when my wife is coming into the battlefield. When those three are together it will be war and that war would be in our new apartment, no thanks. I just have to figure out how to escape this life threatening situation when those two people really do come to Germany to visit us! Perhaps I should just go to China and visit father-in-law, nothing crazy there at least except the cleaning.

p.s. Changed some parts as the TV’s were too huge with 55 and 65 feet. Hope it is correct now :p

25 thoughts on “The Good and the Disturbing”

  1. You are so funny! – You have a job but you don’t know what you do and you are in sales but you are not responsible for sales! And I think it is every man’s dream to have a large TV for entertainment. My husband got a home theater when we moved into our house (he talked about getting once every time we watched a movie for years) and I guess I got my dream too – an full size oven and a fridge that makes ice.

    1. We planned to have a big TV for long time but our apartment in Finland was too tiny. Next year I am aiming for a home theater sound system 🙂
      Tomorrow I will find out about my job, let’s see what I will actually do..

  2. Pro tip: If your MIL really does come over with your grandmother-in-law, I advise you abandon ship. Take a “spontaneous” holiday and just disappear. Visiting your FIL works as well, but completely going off the radar may be the safest.

    Maybe you can make the internet hole in the wall into some sort of art installation. Put a fake plant in it so it looks like it’s growing out of the wall? Super arty. 😀
    (Sorry, I’m giving so much bad advice, don’t listen to me!)

      1. I would in your situation! “Oh, was that *this* month? Sorry, I have three crazy business trips in a row! I’ll only be around once or twice to eat, do laundry…” Then promptly book a cheap hotel on the other side of the city 😀

  3. That hole in the wall for nothing, what a tragedy… (Ok, I admit, I laughed 😂)
    And well, it sounds like you’ll have some new material for this blog with your new mystery job, hehe.

    1. Well, tomorrow I will find out about my new job so I will know if it’s worth an article :p

      For the hole in the wall I found out a solution and filled it with white acryl and drilled another hole just above it which even worked, yay, great success and that’s all I managed today there…

  4. Hahaha, I can sense your frustration about the whole internet saga…I would be knocking out holes in the walls instead just to make myself feel better…oh well, it’s done but your MIL is really funny…arguing just for argument sake..looks like it’s a really lively discussion whenever your wife and MIL gets involved. Hang in there!! 😄

    1. I really should try contacting the immigration office 😀

      So far the apartment has been lucky but in the past weeks it turned to the worse, perhaps there is really a curse upon it by the previous owner and his host will haunt us :0

    1. Ha, I knew I would do some mistake this article, should research next time better how to use the forms correctly 🙂

      Anyways a 65inch (“) is still too huge right in front of your face. Everytime I watch tv there for a longer time I get headache and especially seeing each pixel is not great either

      1. I gave up owning a TV about 20 years ago and never missed it. Prefer the cinema. Many more interesting things to do such as rewriting a tour guide to Hunan until I allowed myself to be distracted by your MIL!!

      2. Indeed my MIL can be very distracting.
        We watch usually only certain tv shows but never really have a tv programm or channel running. As for now we do not even have an antenna cable or similar so in the end the tv is basically a big screen for my wifes laptop:)
        I also prefer the cinema but thus far it has prooved impossible to rewatch my favorite movies which forces me to use just a tv instead

  5. That’s so funny. What is your job really then? At least you’re getting paid. :p Elder’s can be hard to deal with sometimes. Sadly, we will never be allowed to voice our own opinions. We can try, but the youth will always be wrong. 🙂 Your MIL sound funny. She has a larger TV herself, yet she is telling y’all that your TV is too big for your living room. I say just agree with everything they say or stay quiet. lol

    1. Ah it would be too easy to just agree with MIL. Whatever she is seeing my wife is challenging it and mostly she is right as MIL has a weird view on what’s going on in this world…
      However granny is even worse, she is so stubborn that it is more likely that a rock will start to bend rather than her changing her opinion :p

  6. Oh dear. I hate drilling holes into the wall because of the problem you ran into. You might want to seal it up with some wood or filling from the hardware store (though I’m not sure you’ll do that since you said previously you don’t want to step foot into that place again… 😉 ) I hope nothing crawls out of the hole and scares Nathan.

    Congratulations on the job. Very happy for you! I hope it’s a job you end up liking, and it’s not a job where you’re forcing people into buying things if they don’t have the desire to buy things 🙂 Sounds like things will get very entertaining if MIL does come over…what a party 😀

    1. I read already few suggestions how to avoid MIL and granny, perhaps book a hotel in the other end of the town and say I am on a business trip or call immigration office as they might have few ideas :p
      But no, I wll just live with it, it will be only a month or so and now our apartment is big enough that I can avoid these conflicts 🙂

      1. Now that you have a job in an office, you can always use that as an excuse. On the weekends, you might want to hide away at the hardware store 😉

        I am sure if MIL and granny come, you will have more stories to share with us. Also you will all go out and eat more food, that might be a highlight too 🙂

  7. Woah, MIL, grandma and yor wife together… you better start preparing, haha. BTW how old is Grandma? Would she be ok with such a long flight?

  8. Congratulations on your new job–whatever it is.
    Electronic problems are soooo annoying.
    Your hole in the wall reminds me of the first house we rented in the Philippines. A hole had been gnawed in the baseboard by a mouse. It looked just like something from a Tom-and-Jerry cartoon. One night I was rocking the baby to sleep in a darkened room, and I saw a mouse running across the floor. I called on my husband to catch the mouse, and he did. His technique involved empty drawers and an umbrella.

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