Horrors in China

After I wasn’t able to even post anything last sunday I am now nearly 100% back in the game. Most of the technical issues have been dealt with and now I just need to play some more with the hardware of my desktop PC so everything runs smooth once again.

So what do you expect of horrors in China? No, don’t worry I am not giving you a close up about Chinese public toilets but it is nearly as bad. Okay it is actually not that bad…this video is from a few years ago. Back then I  was minding my own business at my in-laws apartment and went to the living room in order to watch some TV. As you can see something scared the hell out of me when I looked up from my phone and saw what is sitting on the sofa!

This post also is my very first one with a video. From here on I plan once in a while to upload some videos, nothing special really, just what I think might be funny.

Has anything scared you like my MIL before?

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42 thoughts on “Horrors in China”

  1. Loved the video! But what’s scarier in China? The sale of kidneys for cash is a common occurrence… at least according to the video I clicked after I watched yours. I guess you are pretty lucky – at least your kidney is intact. (I hope!)

  2. You MIL is probably one of the quirkiest people I’ve ever met. With that mask, she looks like she is dressed up for Halloween or a costume party. She sure takes her beauty regime very seriously. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has tried recommending you, Crazy, to use any of the products. Even my relatives are no wear as quirky as her – they are just regular folk who like to sit and chat with one another. That is all.

    1. She is just very very strange….all (okay 99%) of the beauty products she got from her daughter. So she is very happy when my wife brings her new stuff BUT as soon as my wife needs some stuff for make up or some chrome she refuses to give anything. MIL Does not share! But I will have more about it in some other post…actually I will have too much to write about again :p

      1. I always thought, MIL would be the kind to over share, and asking others to try this and that. Interesting trait. Maybe she is a hoarder. Oh, that would actually be interesting….

  3. *LOL* that mask looks really scary! I just got a present from a Korean friend and it was a facial mask like the one your MIL is wearing, but made even scarier with dragon features. Why oh why? 🙂 Videos are fun and I also want to add more, but it takes time to upload, edit etc. so in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy what you’re uploading.

  4. There is a fake video of a woman whose face started glowing in the dark after using one of those masks. Tell your wife to look for it haha, it was shown on the 暴走大事件 tv show recently.

  5. To be honest, seeing your MIL has started to give me a negative reaction. I think you have programmed me 😛 Or I sympathize too deeply with your plights. In any case, I recoil with horror.

  6. Actually there’s nothing weird about using the face mask. It is very popular with the females in Asia nowadays. What’s weird is how she is using it in the living room. Bloody hell, just get back to her own room!

  7. It’s a hoot but rather scary. Have you met any of your MIL’s friends? What about the rest of the extended family? Are they like her, quirky?

  8. Congrats on your first video. That was fun. Good music. But poor MIL. She was just trying to stay beautiful. I guess she felt comfortable enough around you to reveal her beauty secrets.

  9. Ok. I have hard time relating to your MIL since she is around my age.

    But if it keeps her happy in a harmless way….even if it may shock family members.

      1. Hmmm… maybe you should search that out and see if there is any of your photos floating around the China net. Haha! Good post!

  10. Hahaha, that background music just makes it funnier to see her with the mask on. Although, I’ve got to admit. I do that sometimes in my room and go out to try to scare the others on purpose, it’s fun!! 🙂

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