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Horrors in China

After I wasn’t able to even post anything last sunday I am now nearly 100% back in the game. Most of the technical issues have been dealt with and now I just need to play some more with the hardware of my desktop PC so everything runs smooth once again.

So what do you expect of horrors in China? No, don’t worry I am not giving you a close up about Chinese public toilets but it is nearly as bad. Okay it is actually not that bad…this video is from a few years ago. Back then I  was minding my own business at my in-laws apartment and went to the living room in order to watch some TV. As you can see something scared the hell out of me when I looked up from my phone and saw what is sitting on the sofa!

This post also is my very first one with a video. From here on I plan once in a while to upload some videos, nothing special really, just what I think might be funny.

Has anything scared you like my MIL before?

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