Family Fishing Tour

Back in the day my family used to do a lot together such as going on holidays or simply meeting once in a while. Those days where all before I was born. Back then my brother Ulf went sometimes with his uncle and cousins for holidays abroad, went out eating and most importantly he and his cousin Frank had some little fishing tours. Both were still young in those days and as they got older they did not meet up for fishing any longer. Certainly my brother and his cousins still had contact during the past 30 years but it was not that much as before.

What a wonderful and interesting landscape

Last month we had our first Family Gathering since 2005. There my brother and cousin Frank somehow got to talk about fishing again. Thing is my brother did not fish since the old days but Frank stepped up the game and has caught pretty much every possible fish available in Northern Germany and Denmark. When he talked during the gathering about the past years and especially about fishing it sparked something in my brother again. Somehow I also got again interest in fishing (which I did sometimes in Finland with some old and cheap equipment) and shortly after the gathering we had a Fishing Family Group Chat on WhatsApp.

Walking over those rocks with all the equipment is not the easiest thing in the world

This all developed further within short time and for my birthday I got from my brother some new and very good fishing equipment. After that we all decided on a date on which we would meet up in Flensburg (where my cousin lives) and from there to Denmark for a daylong fishing tour at the Baltic Sea. This trip was going to be the first I did without my wife ever since we got together in 2010. Good thing that my brother decided that we should go a day earlier to Flensburg as we had a lot to prepare and to be able to arrive in Denmark as early as possible. Thing is we underestimated how much we had to prepare and in the end we all went sleeping around 1:30 am and had to wake up at 4:30 am! I can tell you that those few hours of sleep did not really give us enough rest for the rest of the day.

Last look at the sea before returning home

We left for Denmark shortly after 5am and drove to some “top spots” our cousin recommended as he had caught some nice fishes there over the past years. We all were so enthusiastic and excited when we arrived at the first location, not only because of the possibility of catching some fish but also because it was something we did together as a family. Quickly my brother and I got into our wetsuits and went into the sea. Let’s just say it was not the most successful fishing day for all of us as we did not catch any fish the entire day. We did not even spot any fish but at least we were not the only ones as all other fishermen we met had the same bad luck on that day.

Happy and tired


Even though we did not catch anything is was still an enjoyable day. First of all because we spent the day together and then also because of the wonderful nature all around us. I mean look at the great landscape in those pictures! Sure it was a bit disappointing to come back home in the evening empty-handed but nonetheless it felt great to come back home totally exhausted from fishing the entire day. Will I do such trip again? Definitely! In fact we are planning for another trip in the end of this month however it is not sure yet whether I will go as my wife and I are expecting soon our baby girl to be born.

Have you tried fishing?

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28 thoughts on “Family Fishing Tour”

    1. Thare are always days when you don’t catch anything but not even seeing a single fish/ noticing movement is usually very very rare. Even with our bad misfortune we had tons of fun:)

  1. How lovely that you got to rekindle an old passion and do it with your family at the same time. Too bad about the fish, but c’est la vie. Better luck next time I guess. AND congrats on your new baby girl to come! 🙂

    1. Yeah we are looking forward to the girl. Already organized a midwife and so on (will have a post about it).
      Fishing was great fun and with luck we will have the second trip in the end of the month

  2. Wow, beautiful landscapes! I am glad that you had a great time with your family. I tried fishing once in Finland, but I am too impatient for it! 😦 I saw some of my friends catch fish and they took it home later but I couldn’t eat those poor fish who I saw dying with my own eyes..

    1. Fishing needs a lot of patience otherwise nothing will hapen (in most cases). Most fishes I catch I usually set free again but in case the hook is too deep (or my parents see that I got a fish) that one ends up as dinner…

      1. A lot of non-fishers think so too! But no different than sitting around for hrs., staring at mountains or ocean waves!

  3. My grandpa was a serious fisherman. He and his friends went fishing on the river every Saturday during steelhead season. He took my sister and me lake fishing a few times. It was slow and the fish weren’t very big, but it was nice to be out on the lake in a boat. When I was a teenager, my dad built a 20-foot cabin cruiser, and we went out on Puget Sound and the Salish Sea on weekends. We jigged for cod among the kelp beds. That was fun because you never sit still. You move your pole up and down the whole time. We always caught quite a few cod.

    1. Sounds like he was very much into fishing. My cousin is similar as he hasn’t missed any sea trout season for the past decade and before he focused on all the freshwater fishes in the region. It is great fun to have him around as he has so much experienced compared to my brother and I.

    1. I didn’t know that vegetarians don’t eat fish, always thought it is vegans who do not eat fish. Have manyfriends who are vegetarians and go fishing and eat them
      Anyhow fishing is great fun and in fact I release most fishes I catch. Only few are kept in the end for dinner (2-3 a year) as they must have the proper size and also must be “well-fed”

  4. Love Your post and photos. I fished when being young, but now no mere. I was curious to find where Flensburg is and noticed that it is not so far away from the places where we visited many years ago: Fehmarn, Timmendorfer Strand, Plön and Heiligen Hafen.

    1. Fishing is great fun as long as you have the patience to just stand/sit there for hours without getting any fish. It is a great family activity (at least for us) as there is also so much you have to prepare before going to fish together

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