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Suomi Finland 100

I am very late into the Suomi Finland 100 thing but  better later than never! This year Finland has a very big celebration as 100 years ago it became independent. To be precise the independency was declared on the 6th December 1917. Before that Finland was ruled by Sweden and Russia for hundreds of years.

Finland has gone through some hardships ever since then with big troubles happening when the Soviet Union decided it would be a great thing to invade Finland in 1939. Didn’t really work out for the Soviet Union but Finland still suffered not only due to the territory loses but also due to the many dead and injured. Afterwards Finland tried its best not to attract too much attention and has to this day not joined the NATO.

Important things to know about Finland:

The 100 year event started last year with the New Year Celebration with a huge party in Helsinki. The countdown to the new year was synced with the song Sandstorm by Darude. Let’s just say it was an epic party no matter how cold it was outside! All over the year they had events and Politicians from all over the world congratulated Finland such as former Vice President of the USA Joe Biden. In summer they had the Lippujuhla or in English Flag day of the Defence Forces which falls each year on the 4th of June, the birthday of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland. The latest celebration was now on the 6th of December, the Day of Independency itself. This is celebrated each year and the highlight for most Finnish people is to watch on TV the President shaking hands with hundreds of “important” people.

So that is my very basic and very short summary of the Suomi Finland 100 Celebration. I wish you all a Merry Christmas (here we celebrate already on the 24th!!) and next time I shall annoy you all with a blog post about our Christmas Decoration.

Have you heard about the Finland 100 Celebration?

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