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Second Blogaversary

I actually missed my second blogaversary by a few days but anyways on the 13th of August 2013 I posted my first little useless text. Thank you all for enduring my stories for the past two years.

During those years the blog evolved slowly and had different designs and layouts. I don’t remember much of the first theme except it was a very simple one without any extras. Just plain text and a confusing side bar. Oh and it had my great old banner on top which was replaced by the current one when I fiddled about the blog layout and theme last winter.

What a masterpiece

I do hope that also my stories got more interesting and that I evolved as a writer compared to the beginnings. Though I was used to writing before it is still a bit different to write for a blog and to find your own style. I am far from mastering any of that yet but there is still hope that I will get someday close to it! Even I should be able to get around and improve bit by bit.

So what are my plans for the future? No idea! I never plan really these kind of things as I am somehow always unable to follow my plans or strategies as life is full of surprises and changes. Of course I will continue on writing about my Crazy Chinese Family and the different small (and bigger) trips we do around here. My crazy Chinese mother-in-law still has a lot of chaos in her repertoire so there will always be something to write about.  I also plan to put up a new section about cooking. There I will have my wife’s cooking skills and probably also some of my kitchen disasters as I had to start cooking again due to my wife being very busy with her own business. I also plan to give some more introduction about the other Chinese family members such as crazy granny, sporty father-in-law plus some others such as some aunty, uncle and cousins…of course I will push my wife to write some “guest posts” again about my parents and how life is in Germany for her. Don’t worry, Nathan will be also featured and perhaps one day he might get a little brother (or sister…) but that’s still far away for now. For the immediate future I just plan that everything settles a bit here and that I will get healthy again.

I approve this message


To you keep track on your blogging anniversaries?

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