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My food is much Better

Dear Chinese mother-in-law is honoring us currently with her presence and thanks to that I have no shortage of stories to share with you. Originally I had something else planned for today but this blog is like a therapy for me and I really need to get this out. You have read it probably too often already but my MIL is certainly something else. She knows everything better than anyone else and she does everything better than anyone else, at least that is how she sees the world. The reality is very much different but she would never accept that.

Just look at this delicious food!

Before coming to Germany my wife gave her mother a little food shopping list. To be precise this shopping list was all about Liangpi 凉皮 the best noodle dish ever created. There are specialized restaurants in Xi’an which offer these noodles in a box to take away and mix the noodles and sauce yourself. You should consume the food within two weeks otherwise it might be not that good for you any longer but two weeks are more than enough. When we were last time in China we brought home 16 boxes for just the two of us. I think they didn’t even last a week and I don’t even feel bad about it as they are just too delicious. When MIL heard that she should buy them for us her first reaction was “They don’t taste at all, they are terrible, I don’t buy them!” (She has never tried them before). Her second reaction was “They are too heavy, I don’t buy them!” (She wanted to take more of her weird stuff with). However my wife insisted that MIL would get them and her third reaction was “My homemade ones are much better!”. In the end my wife won and MIL took at least a few boxes with to Germany.

And even more of that, I am so hungry now

Now coming back to “My homemade ones are much better” I have to say that her Liangpi ain’t bad.  They are actually pretty good as soon as you add some salt and spices (something she never does, she never uses salt for anything). But they are still no match for the takeaway Liangpi yet alone to the freshly made ones in certain restaurants. My mother-in-law believes that her food is so much better than in any restaurant. Last year she tried to proof that to me and my dad when we were in China by making Pizza for us. She had never made pizza before and had no clue what to add. She even tried to put in Durians and Bananas, thankfully my wife stopped her from that. I can’t remember the taste but I do know that my stomach was upset for the next two days.

Our kitchen looks a bit different now with MIL being here

MIL is preparing food for us now every day, same as she had done during the past visits over the years. While her noodle dishes are rather good, the other dishes are barely eatable. Whenever she made some dishes to be eaten with rice I prepared myself for the worst. The good thing is that my wife concvinced her mother to make noodle related dishes at least five times a week. No matter how much my wife complains about the cooking skills her mother still believes she is the best chef who has ever walked this (round) earth (MIL kind of believes that the earth is flat). In fact MIL does not even like most of the food she prepares but she won’t admit to it but we can clearly see it when she suddenly stops eating after one or two bites. Her explanation for that is usually that she doesn’t want to eat too much so that we have more, yeah right.

How are your cooking skills?

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Second Blogaversary

I actually missed my second blogaversary by a few days but anyways on the 13th of August 2013 I posted my first little useless text. Thank you all for enduring my stories for the past two years.

During those years the blog evolved slowly and had different designs and layouts. I don’t remember much of the first theme except it was a very simple one without any extras. Just plain text and a confusing side bar. Oh and it had my great old banner on top which was replaced by the current one when I fiddled about the blog layout and theme last winter.

What a masterpiece

I do hope that also my stories got more interesting and that I evolved as a writer compared to the beginnings. Though I was used to writing before it is still a bit different to write for a blog and to find your own style. I am far from mastering any of that yet but there is still hope that I will get someday close to it! Even I should be able to get around and improve bit by bit.

So what are my plans for the future? No idea! I never plan really these kind of things as I am somehow always unable to follow my plans or strategies as life is full of surprises and changes. Of course I will continue on writing about my Crazy Chinese Family and the different small (and bigger) trips we do around here. My crazy Chinese mother-in-law still has a lot of chaos in her repertoire so there will always be something to write about.  I also plan to put up a new section about cooking. There I will have my wife’s cooking skills and probably also some of my kitchen disasters as I had to start cooking again due to my wife being very busy with her own business. I also plan to give some more introduction about the other Chinese family members such as crazy granny, sporty father-in-law plus some others such as some aunty, uncle and cousins…of course I will push my wife to write some “guest posts” again about my parents and how life is in Germany for her. Don’t worry, Nathan will be also featured and perhaps one day he might get a little brother (or sister…) but that’s still far away for now. For the immediate future I just plan that everything settles a bit here and that I will get healthy again.

I approve this message


To you keep track on your blogging anniversaries?

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Peanut Butter Noodle Time

It’s been a long time since my last “Food Blog Post”. This was mainly due to my Chinese mother-in-law staying three-month at our apartment. She was doing all the cooking and made such a mess in the kitchen that I did not even wanted to enter the kitchen anymore let alone take pictures on how she prepared food. Now after she is already one month gone I finally got around taking some pictures of my wife’s cooking skills.

This one is called Peanut Butter Noodles 花生凉面 and can be quickly prepared within 15 min. The noodles themselves are not handmade by my wife butjust simple spaghetti noodles from the supermarket. The sauce for the noodle is as the name already implies mostly peanut butter, seasoned with garlic, ginger, vinegar, soya sauce and other dark Chinese kitchen magic. Usually my wife only uses cucumber to give the noodles a fresh taste as otherwise it would be just too soggy but this time she added also some fresh beans. The dish can be eaten both cold and warm but I usually prefer this one when the noodles are still a bit warm, I am just not in for the greasy taste which comes after they get cold.

What are your quick and easy dishes?

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