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My Parents first trip to China

In the year of 2011 was my first visit to China. Nothing too special about that but it was also the first time (and only time thus far) that my parents visited China. Through this Guest Post by my wife you learned already few basics about my dear mother. As you can imagine the whole idea of visiting China was not a dream of my mother. She was scared of the country itself, the many people, the food, the hygiene, the plane, getting lost at the airport and did I mentioned the food before? My father on the other hand was really excited about this trip. He pretty much didn’tt care at all about all the things my mother was scared of except one thing, public toilets in China. My old man is not the youngest anymore, meaning that any kind of “squatting” his pretty much impossible for him.

Picture at the Drum Tower

Everything started during spring time when we had the great idea to have our engagement dinner in China, together with the whole family. As a joke my wife suggested that I should invite my parents as well. I kinda didn’t get the joke and actually asked my parents. My mom was shocked, and said she wouldn’t even board the plane and my father wanted to know the details already on the phone. Three months later my wife and I were waiting in Xi’an for my parents to arrive at the airport and of course my parents actually arrived without any harm (just a bit exhausted).

The entire trip to China was already an adventure worth writing a very own article about. Lets just say it involved them not being able to park the car at Helsinki airport, hearing their names mentioned through the airport announcements about gates being closed, having very noisy people on the plane, arriving at Beijing and being lost, mobile phone without service and thus not being able to call us for help, not being able to ask for help as they only speak German and Finnish,  a changed gate to Xi’an at Beijing airport and running all over Beijing airport…


Arrival in Xi’an

Anyways my parents arrived during late afternoon and were welcomed by my in-laws and family friends. Already during the first evening we had a program planned for them (even though they were pretty exhausted). We visited the fountain show at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda with a short tour around the surrounding area and of course a big dinner. As you can imagine dinner time meant horror time for my dear mother and MIL was not exactly helpful in this situation either as she just piled up more food on my mothers plate. Mom ate always bravely the plate empty, without having a clue what food it was, and MIL piled up more…



During the one week in Xi’an we visited together most of the main attraction such as the Terracotta Army, the Tang Paradise, Tang Dynasty Dinner & Show, Drum and Bell Tower and also the Muslim Quarter. My parents both got a new hairstyle plus massage at a hairdresser, a full body massage (my father with cupping) and a lot of food. For my mother at least one dream got fulfilled, she got a silk shirt tailored, something which is of course also possible in Europe but usually very very expensive.


Import_020I am not sure anymore what we all ate but it was very much. The engagement dinner was interesting as we had also Camel served which I didn’t mention to my parents until the dinner was done. Otherwise it was pretty uneventful, probably due to the exact planning by my wife who had an “activity plan” done already weeks before the trip. In the end we also spent one day in Beijing and did a little sightseeing tour. Beijing has mixed feelings when I think back due to the fact that we never could get any taxi and then we a wild “black taxi” trip back to the hotel.

In the end I can say that it was a nice trip but a bit too exhausting for my parents. We had too much in the program and it all involved walking around a great deal. To make it worse it was during Juli, meaning temperatures to make the asphalt on the streets melt. Furthermore my mother couldn’t handle the air-condition and ended up getting sick in the end and suffered the last day when flying from Xi’an to Beijing. For the next time they come to China (my mother doesn’t know about her luck yet) we have planned a much more relaxing holiday for them with trips to the nearby hot springs and it will be either during spring time or during autumn to escape the hot summer.


Guest Post: How to get by in China

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems that people the world over are far more adventurous than ever before.

Maybe it’s the availability of cheaper flights or the greater knowledge of foreign places that people now have owing to the vast amount of data on the internet, I’m not sure.

Whatever it is, China is now a favoured destination and, for some, still remains a country shrouded in mystery; an exotic land of diverse culture, adventure and excitement. More and more, especially younger people, are travelling there, maybe for a short holiday or, increasingly, to work and settle down.


Therefore, we spent some time thinking how we can best help travellers in China and came up with some ideas. Firstly, if you are one of those people thinking mid to long term and are planning on looking for Chinese friends, or are just interested in learning more about mainland Chinese or Taiwanese women in general, you can take a look at our website.

Pic_Chinese Girl

Secondly, we came up this infographic! It was created by one of our writers from mynewchinesewife.com and its aim is to help the newcomer or even people who have been in China for some time assimilate and blend in easily with local people. We hope it will help them get familiar with the right ways to do certain things and also offer caution about the wrong ways!

Using our infographic will make it that much easier to get by and enjoy your life in the country as it provides 10 of the top tips for getting by in China with pointers about social and business practices.

Much thanks to Timo for letting us to share the infographic at his blog. Take a look and see, we’re sure you’ll be glad you read it!


Restaurant Day in Helsinki

Last month we visited the so-called Restaurant Day in Helsinki. In Finnish it is called “Ravintola Päivä” , was first held in 2011 and is apparently today the world biggest food festival in the world (17th of August 2014 in 30 different countries). Anybody can participate and sell their self-made food during that day, both professional restaurants and normal people you may encounter there. I hope I got the basics right as I have not much experience with it and rather focus more on the food offered there than on the idea or system behind it.


RP3As I understand people are either offering food  in their own homes or sell it on the street at their own stands. We decided to visit the biggest cluster of stands this August in the Helsinki city center at Esplanadi. First of all, it was a mess to find a parking space for our car! I don’t know how we managed but after endless driving around I found a spot very close to the event. The next problem was to get through the masses of people. It was seriously packed there, it reminded me on some public events in China where you are basically stucked and can’t move anywhere. The biggest problem was then to get through with a baby stroller…


RP7What can I say, even though it was so troublesome to get around there due to the amount of people but it was also enjoyable. No not that I enjoy masses of sweaty people on a summer day but everywhere was food from around the globe! I tried to take picture of the different stands but that proofed impossible as every time I got close enough to a stand I had not enough time to take proper pictures before being pushed away again. There was so much food but my wallet was just not thick enough to support and all out eating event.


Few more pictures can be seen in the gallery. The restaurant day was the last “event” we attended in Finland and lets see when we attend our first event in Germany!