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One Sign of being in a Interracial Relationship

Few days ago we decided to organise our secretary which is filled with many important but also unimportant documents. Mixed in between was one folder with our wedding certificate, Nathan’s birth certificate, other important certificates and also our passports. Okay you might think what’s so special about few passports…well we are three people in the household and the number of passports is a bit higher than that.

Let me start:


Wife:  Chinese passport






Me: Finnish and German passports






Nathancuty: Finnish and German passports + Chinese Travel document.






All in all those are 6 passports/ official documents allowing travel abroad and I guess it is a clear sign of having an interracial family.

Are those all mine?

I understand that the travel document is not 100% a Chinese passport BUT it allows him to travel to China without any visa!

Hopefully China will recognize soon dual/ multiple citizenship as it would mean for my wife that she could apply for the German nationality and maintain her Chinese nationality but also that Nathan would be allowed to keep his current greyish borderlinish triple nationality.

Thanks to the Finnish and German nationality both Nathan and I have a huge variety of countries we can travel to without visa but sadly this does not apply to my wife. A list of the strength of the different passport you can find here. This entire blogpost is partly inspired by a similar one written by Carissa Hickling from Everyday Asia.


Do you have several nationalities?

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