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Visit at the Animal Apartment

Last week we visited my old friend from high school. Back then we had one thing in common: Fishes! We both had several aquaria with a multitude of fishes. However contact ended after he changed schools and we didn’t hear about each other for 15 years. Then last year he found me on Facebook (seems like social media can be useful at times) and we started chatting again. Last weekend we decided that we should visit him and his fiancée as they had something very special in their apartment.

Little Degu


You see his love for animals never ended so from fishes he got to spiders, lizards,  snakes you name it and his fiancée got a love for degus. So when we visited them their apartment resembled more a zoo shop than a place to live in. With most of their animals they actually do selective breeding and resell them. I do not know how lucrative this is but it at least covers all the costs as some of the more special geckos actually sell for several hundred Euros!


No, I don’t touch that

When we went down their cellar/ super animal room Nathan went all nuts. He just ran in circles, checking out each enclosure and making his high-pitched happy sound. It was really amazing to see how happy he got once we entered this room, I mean he could not even see any animals from his viewpoint but he smelled, heard and somehow sensed them I guess. We tried our luck to take pictures of him touching a snake but he wasn’t up for it. For some reason he was shy when the snake was presented, well too bad…


Meet the pug

Upstairs my friend and his fiance had also few enclosure including one with African pygmy hedgehogs. I don’t have any pictures of them but if you just google them you can make see that those are incredible cute! Basically they have all kinds of animals such as corn snakes, crested geckos, mice, rats, degus, chameleons, tarantulas, turtles, fishes, shrimps and last but not least a pug. Yes a pug, didn’t really fit into their collection but the dog was really fond of Nathan and Nathan was fond of squeezing that poor little thing.




Do you have also pets or even such less common pets as my friend? Did you ever considered selective breeding them like him?

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