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My 100th Blog Post

Today is a special day as it is the 100th post on this blog.  It all started in August 2013 when I decided to write down few stories about my mother-in-law and some things which were on my mind about China.

Especially in the beginning I had no real idea what I wanted to write about and my stories and writing style in general was even worse than now! Looking back it is really interesting to see how I slowly began to improve from article to article. Right now I am still far away from what I have on my mind for my writing style, the blog and also on all the topics I would love to cover.  But not only did the blog change over time also our family life changed  during the past 1 1/2 years of blogging.

Stockholm in the Summer of 2013


Back in 2013 we just had our two main wedding ceremonies, one in China and one in Finland. My in-laws  had stayed with us in Finland for nearly four weeks and I was just exhausted by all the events. My wife was in her 3rd month of pregnancy and we were looking forward to our baby. I was mostly unemployed and had only few projects going on which were never really satisfying. So what made us think of moving to Germany out of nowhere towards the end of 2013? I wanted to do a master degree in Finland and was about to enroll for the universities when my wife decided from one day to the next that we would have much more possibilities in Germany. Possibilities not only when it came to my studies but also chances of getting a job for me and better environment for my wife to start her own business.

2014 arrived and was amazing as I wrote already in a previous post. We have a great little boy who will have his first birthday in 20 days, we have a great apartment and I got a stable job for the next years. Perhaps I will continue there or follow initial plan and do some more studies. Now we have 2015 and things are looking good for our future and for the future of this blog as I have much (too much) material for new articles for still some time and there is no risk of having not enough to write about as MIL is joining us for a three months visit in April, Hooray!

#Nathancuty and Mommy at the Christmas Market 2014


My biggest wish for this year is actually to do some more traveling. In August we will go to China again and we were promised already a trip to South Korea. However we would also love to go to Japan some day soon and when I think about it, there are just too many places to visit.

So now I thank all of you who follow my blog. Each comment helped me to improve and gave me also the needed feedback to continue. There are so many great blogs out there with great stories. Some helped me  on what places to visit, what to eat there, how to make life easier, some articles made me laugh and others made me nearly cry (men don’t cry!). I hope to read more stories from all of you and I do try to write more interesting posts.


Ps.  Don’t ask me about the featured image on top, just found it recently again and it does looks creepy


Do you blog and how do you feel when looking back to the beginnings on how your blogging world changed and your personal life as well?

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