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Nathan’s Totoro Themed Room

Long long time ago we finished renovating our apartment. To be precise most of it was done in November 2014. Back then I wrote in that blog post that I wouldn’t show Nathan’s room yet as it wasnt ready yet. Seems like we took our sweet time getting his room ready as we just finished a bit over a week ago!

His little bed when he is not around throwing the pillowes away

So what is so special about his room? Indeed it is a Totoro themed room as the title already suggests. In fact Nathan’s “babyname” was Totoro. By that name most people called him until he was a year old. After that his name slowly changed to RouRou 肉肉 thanks to his wobbly cheeks. We always wanted to create this kind of themed room but the main problem was to get all the stuff here in Germany. In the end we ordered everything in China and then brought it with us back to Germany last year. That is over 9 months ago and all the things were just stuffed in boxes until mother-in-law’s return was just days away. What she has to do with it? Well she wanted to stay in Nathan’s room, sleeping on a futon rather than having a real bed in another room. So we really were in a hurry suddenly to finish his room. Just a day before her arrival I put on the last pictures on the walls and drilled some holes for the shelves.

Many many Totoros and one Turtle 🙂

We are pretty happy with the result. Okay it is not a 100% Totoro themed room but who cares. I must say that the hardest part was to get that giant Totoro wall thingy attached as the wallpaper is not really the best underground. It took my wife and I over 3 hours to get that job done and still now I am all the time worried that it might fall off or Nathan wants to suddenly play with it. We bought so many different Totoro things that I don’t even know anymore how many there are.  So far Nathan loves the room and always point at the Totoro on the wall and plays with the giant Totoro plush toy.


Have you ever thought of creating some special themed room?

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