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A Day at Seurasaari

In 2013 when both my Chinese in-laws visited us in Finland for our Wedding there we also visited few other locations around the country. Seurasaari was one of them towards the end of their holidays in Finland. Seurasaari is an island located in Helsinki and I only knew it myself due to an open water swimming competition I participated at few years before.

An old wooden church


This island is famous for a few things such as Seurasaari Open-Air museum which has old wooden buildings from around Finland, masses of red squirrels, the huge bonfire during Midsummer and the nudist beach (it is enclosed by a wall and men and women are separated by a wall leading even into the ocean). Well, we didn’t visit the nudist beach but the Open-Air museum, watched hundred of squirrels and my crazy mother-in-law didn’t believe that people would go swimming in these cold weather conditions (+28 degrees celsius ~ 82 degrees fahrenheit) until see saw many children at a normal beach playing in the water…

For more information you can check out what Wiki has to say about the island (though in English it is really barely anything) or the National Board of Antiquities. When visiting Helsinki and you have more than just a day to spare I recommend going there for a few hours as it is perfect to relax a bit from the daily madness (okay, in Finland any place is perfect for that I guess)

Have you ever visited such Open-Air museum or similar location with old buildings gathered from around the country and centuries?

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