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Evolving Crazy Chinese Family

In the previous article I already mentioned it: Crazy Chinese Family is evolving!

Now you may wonder why the blog still looks the same as usual but don’t worry, your eyes are still fine as in the blog itself nothing has happened yet. No, it is the small things which are changing and being improved right now.

For now I finally set up a Facebook Page for the blog. This is something which is already due for a very long time but I really seem to love pushing things to another future day. However this changed now as we have now our own apartment and with it I have my own working desks which again gives me enough space to feel comfortable and with it productivity and creativity (kind of).

No this is not all, another small thing has happened as well and that is the Twitter page of Crazy Chinese Family as it also changed its appearance a bit. As you may already see I am aiming for a standard design for all my channels and the blog itself will be following this month!

What else is going on in my crazy family? Nothing much actually except that I have to warn all readers who might be from South Korea as mother-in-law is going there with her sister today, so WATCH OUT! Ok, they are not that bad but still, beware of my crazy family, just in case something happens that you won’t blame me.

Oh and before I forget, my in-laws gave us a present, a trip to Jeju Island when we visit them next autumn in China, yay!

Now I really have to excuse the lack of real interesting information in this post so I present you myself in a giraffe suit.