New Stuff

My Chinese family way of using new bought stuff. Okay okay, not my entire Chinese family but my dad in law.

We just bought him few weeks ago a nice new electric shaver after I had noticed that his old one was kind of messed up. The grip was worn out, the original color couldn’t be seen anymore and I guess it wasnt actually doing its supposed job anymore but ripping the hairs out from his face rather than cutting.

This new shaver was quite expensive and now my wife and me were wondering what he was thinking of his new toy. Then the big surprise came as my mom in law told us “He hasn’t even unpacked it yet”. Wait, what? Not even unpacked after a month? So he has a full beard now?

Oh no, nice mom in law told us something else “He will use his old one until it breaks, the new one is just too good right now”.

For crying out loud, what does he mean with “Too good”? Yeah too good now, so in a few years the value dropped enough that he can use it??

Oh man, sometimes this family can drive someone really crazy. At least my wife gave him now a deadline for the shaver. If he still hasn’t used in until next January, my mom in law will bring it back to us when she visits us. Lets see if it can bring him to finally abandon his old hopeless shaver and change it to the new one instead of waiting till its warranty runs out and its value…
But really, with examples like this I feel like living in some circus

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